When you sign up for Flywheel + Elementor, you’ll receive:

A free, 30-day trial, Auto-install, 24/7/365 support, and a delightfully designed dashboard

  • A free, 30-day trial
  • Auto-install of WordPress, the Elementor plugin, and the Hello theme
  • 24/7/365 support
  • A delightfully-designed dashboard
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Getting started with Flywheel and Elementor is super simple

1. Auto-install

We auto-install everything you need to get started on your free demo site, including the Elementor plugin and the Hello theme!

2. Design

Start building beautiful WordPress sites with Elementor and Flywheel! You can manage every aspect of your web design workflow from one place, simplifying your process.

3. Launch

Share your website with the world and then sit back and relax while Flywheel does the rest of the work!

A better experience for busy creatives, designers, and agencies

Flywheel takes care of all the technical aspects of operating a WordPress website so you can focus on your creative work. With nightly backups, convenient collaboration tools, and 24/7 access to WordPress experts, Flywheel helps creatives manage their sites, collaborate with clients, and focus on growing their business!


Invite team members to work on projects without sharing passwords or creating multiple logins ever again.

Billing transfer

Say goodbye to clunky checkout processes with the easiest, breeziest way to have your client pay their hosting bill!

Blazing-fast site speed

Get impressive load time on every site, backed by the Google Cloud Platform. No configuring needed!

Nightly backups

Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed up every single night, with the option of a one-click restore.

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As many of the answers as we could compile!

Is Elementor included in the price of Flywheel?

Nope! Flywheel and Elementor are two different companies with two different products. You have the luxury to choose whichever theme company works best for you, we just recommend you work with them, as our products work in tandem with one another.

If you do choose Flywheel and Elementor, you’ll spend less than $250 per year! We may be biased, but that’s a pretty sweet deal.

I’m already a Flywheel and Elementor user, do I get a discount?

While we’re jealous that you knew about how great Flywheel and Elementor worked together before it was cool, there is currently no discount for new or existing users who use Flywheel and Elementor.

Can I purchase Elementor through Flywheel?

Currently, you can only purchase Elementor from their site. You’ll get the benefit of having Elementor auto-installed on your future sites when you set up a new account on Flywheel.

What if I already have Elementor and Flywheel hosting together?

You’re super smart to pair these two products together! If you already use Elementor on Flywheel, you’ll still receive the fantastic experience you have today. We’re looking into how we might build a deeper connection for existing users in the future.