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Flywheel hosting reviews straight from the source

Hear straight from the source what it's like using Flywheel's powerful platform!

We know our hosting platform is awesome, but you shouldn’t have to take our word for it! Instead, see what our adoring fans have to say about Flywheel in their managed WordPress hosting reviews. Discover the impact our powerful platform has on the workflow of thousands of happy customers and get a personal consultation from one of our Product Specialists! Ready to see what all the buzz is about?

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Real reviews from real Flywheel customers

See why Flywheel is the top hosting company for over 100,000 creatives

Flywheel professional hosting review Jake Bohall

“Since I started switching clients over to Flywheel, my productivity has increased and my stress levels have dropped significantly.”

- Jake Bohall, Hive Digital

Flywheel professional hosting review Megan Gray

“Started my day off with a sunny Flywheel live chat. I break stuff on purpose now, just because I like talking to them.”

- Megan Gray, House of Grays Design Co.

Flywheel professional hosting review Ben Pankonin

“I'd rather have a dedicated server with Flywheel than live in a spare bedroom at the White House.”

- Ben Pankonin, Social Assurance

Flywheel professional hosting review Bryan Monzon

“The pain points of stability and performance have been completely taken care of now. It’s nice to be able to just let go and enjoy and do what we do.”

- Bryan Monzon, Fifty and Fifty

Flywheel professional hosting review Jess Bejot

“We just love Flywheel. You make my designer heart sing! Thank you for existing.”

- Jess Bejot, 5Pine Design

Flywheel professional hosting review Cole Hennen

“It literally took me like 3 minutes to switch to Flywheel 6 months ago and I am STILL seeing the return on time investment every day.”

- Cole Hennen, Pines Up North

Flywheel professional hosting review Kenny Lange

“Thanks in large part to Flywheel I have seen a 25% increase in recurring revenue in just the last 90 days! So, thank you!”

- Kenny Lange, PHNX21creative

Flywheel professional hosting review Mark Tiderman

“Working with Flywheel is about the funnest thing I've done in a while.”

- Mark Tiderman, Streamlined Studio

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