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Wyman Projects

Wyman Projects uses Flywheel to centralize their workflow

  • John Meyer John Meyer Lemonly

    “Our portfolio is loaded with images, so it’s important that our site would be fast. Flywheel takes out all of the stress and pain. If I can have my team focusing on what we do best, I'll take that all day.”

  • Laura Bernheim Laura Bernheim

    "With a laser focus on performant WordPress hosting, Flywheel appeals to users with optimized hardware, powerful dev tools, and a gorgeous and intuitive UI. We've found the boutique WordPress host to be a hit with serious WordPress fans!"

  • Joe Olsen Joe Olsen Phenomblue

    "The reliability, speed, and support are all amazing – but where Flywheel really shines is their deep understanding of the needs of agencies and design firms."

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"It's refreshing to deal with a hosting company that cares about what it's hosting, just because that's so rare."

  • Tobias Van Schneider Tobias van Schneider Semplice

    "I use Flywheel personally for this blog and wouldn't switch if you paid me. Our developers and support team might actually consider paying you to use Flywheel, because it makes their jobs so much easier. It's that good, we promise."

  • Drew Gourley Drew Gourley Column Five

    "1. Send crazy support request to Flywheel. 2. Wait for a very short amount of time. 3. Find that your request was fulfilled. 4. Profit."

  • Drew Baker Drew Baker Funkhaus

    "Just put a migration request into Flywheel and gain seconds without having to do anything to the code. It’s the easiest thing you could do to get a big performance improvement."

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At Flywheel I really love the fact that I can spin up a site within minutes, and I can invite the guys who are going to be working on it.

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