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How to tell if your site is hacked

How to tell if your WordPress site is hacked

Site acting a little funny? Wondering if your website has been hacked? Dealing with a hacked page is no fun, so we've got a few tell-tale signs that will help you find out if you're dealing with a hacked website. This quiz is like an interactive website security check, so check off any of these things that have happened to your site to find out if pesky hackers are to blame, and then get our best tips to battle hackers, boost WordPress security, and keep your site safe!

While these results are based on first-hand experience, this quiz does not actually scan websites for malware, which means that it's definitely not a guaranteed diagnosis. If you're concerned about your site and need a little WordPress help to check a hacked website, regardless of your score, sign up for Flywheel today and our support team would be happy to help you out!

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