• The web development team roles every stakeholder should understand

    August 7, 2018 by Nataliia Kharchenko

    When you need to build a website or launch a new marketing campaign, there are actually two ways to make this happen: form (or expand) your in-house team or outsource the development. In any case, for effective decision-making, you have to understand what’s going on, who all these people are, and what additional skills you…

  • How to get better client feedback

    July 31, 2018 by Aloke Pillai

    As designers and developers, our jobs get a whole lot easier when we receive clear and organized feedback. One-word answers and vague answers are kryptonite to the design and development process. Why is a feedback process important? Whether you’re a part of a larger agency or a solo freelancer, managing client criticism is super important…

  • 7 strategic ways to create a better web design portfolio than your competitors

    July 17, 2018 by Morgan Smith

    Having an impressive portfolio is one of the most important aspects for any web design business. You need a way to show off your work, and site visitors need a way to see what you’re capable of. And of course – it’s one of the easiest ways to demonstrate why you’re better than your competitors….

  • Who should handle the hosting bill

    July 3, 2018 by Britt Pollock

    So you landed the client, built out the site, did all the testing, and it’s time to wrap up this project. But first, someone’s gotta pay the bill. So there are a few options. You can: Handle all the payments yourself Manage your client’s billing information Let your client take care of everything But what’s…

  • This is why your email list building strategy doesn’t work (and 6 ways to fix it)

    June 25, 2018 by Nina Delacruz

    You probably know how crucial email list building is. Chances are, you’re either getting ready to start building your list, or you’re trying to improve the forms you’ve already put on your site. When you’re new to email marketing, it’s pretty normal to hit two walls. If you’ve gotten your feet wet, you might be…

  • 10 steps to design a wildly effective CTA that converts

    June 12, 2018 by Joanne Amos

    You know the main goal for your website, but do your visitors? You might have the best product on the web, a gorgeous website with a user-friendly interface, and be generating loads of traffic from your effective SEO techniques. But if it isn’t crystal-clear what you want your visitors to do when they land on…

  • The best LinkedIn profile tips for creative job seekers

    May 29, 2018 by Alexandra Thelin Blackowski

    LinkedIn: It is the equivalent to the older, more professional and sophisticated sibling to other social media platforms. While Instagram is for artfully curating and highlighting your life in hopes of receiving double-digit likes, and Twitter is for composing thoughtful, witty statements in 280 characters or less, LinkedIn is for presenting your best self as…

  • How to use images on your company site to increase sales and conversions

    May 21, 2018 by Will Morris

    The way you present information on your website is crucial to its success. This is especially true for businesses, where the way you convey information can affect your sales and conversions. There are plenty of ways to communicate with your visitors, but one of the most effective is by using images. As the saying goes:…

  • How to turn Business Catalyst closing into major profits for your design business

    May 14, 2018 by Britt Pollock

    While the initial transfer to another content management system might sound like a lot of work, it provides a great opportunity to grow your web design business. Especially with the Business Catalyst end-of-life announcement, many users are looking to a new CMS like WordPress. We’ve looked into why WordPress makes the perfect solution for Business…

  • 24 inspiring Instagram accounts all marketers should be following

    May 7, 2018 by Kacie Hughes

    With more than 800 million users, Instagram has come a long way since its first photo was posted of a dog and a sandal back in 2010. Freelancers use Instagram to build their business, agencies use it to find new clients, and the way brands and their followers communicate with one another has been revolutionized….

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