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On Wednesday we posted our first in a series of “Feature videos”, designed to give a quick (and fun!) look into the mindset of how we are building our company here at Flywheel. Today I hope to walk you through in a bit more detail, to help to further paint a picture of the Flywheel mindset.

More than just pretty design

At Flywheel we pride ourselves in being “Built for Designers“, and a huge part of this is obviously looking great. It’s easy to think that “great design” means just what’s on the surface – the user interface, the brand. It’s true in fact, that many companies only go skin deep. We recognize however, that if we truly want to build a hosting company you can fall in love with, that “great design” has to filter down to every corner of the company. The entire experience of hosting with Flywheel, from first impressions through how we treat you on the phone, needs to be spectacular. A great brand provides that experience throughout. We’re more than pretty design, in the same way we’re more than just servers and cables.

We’ve been in your shoes

All three founders of Flywheel (Rick, Tony & myself) come from web development and design backgrounds. We’ve been exactly where you’re sitting right now – building and designing great sites, and in need of a hosting company. And time and time again, the experience of recommending hosting to customers was less than pleasant.

We’ve taken our years of dealing with other people’s crappy hosting support, and rolled those experiences into how we want to treat our customers. At Flywheel we’re building the “company we would want to use”, and that extends through support. From how quickly we respond to tickets to how far we’re willing to to go solve a problem, with each case we’re thinking “if I were a designer or developer, how would I want to be treated”. That empathy for our customers is what great support is all about.

We’re WordPress experts

Because Flywheel focuses on WordPress only, we’re able to provide a level of support that your traditional host can’t (or won’t) do. From helping to debug white screens, to helping track down a nasty performance problem, we’re here to help. We don’t just stop at “that’s your developer’s problem”. Can we solve every problem for you? Probably not. But we’ll do our best to make sure your sites are running great on our platform.

Our support is an extension of your brand

When you recommend a hosting company to a client, you’re hopefully turning them over to someone you trust. You’ve spent countless hours designing and developing their website, and working closely with them to ensure it’s just right. We understand this trust, and want to ensure that the support your customers receive from us is not something that makes you look bad. Our goal is to make you, the designer/developer, look great to your customers. Great support is a key piece of that puzzle.

Yeah so?

All this is great, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s some of our amazing customers talking about Flywheel support:

Great support – It’s all part of building a hosting company you can love. So call us (402-235-6105), email us ([email protected]), tweet at us (@heyflywheel) or smoke signal us. We’re here to help.

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