SSL, CDN, and Multisite have moved!

SSL, CDN, and Multisite have moved!

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We’ve made a few changes to where you can manage SSL, CDN, and Multisite for each site to make them easier to find and to prepare for the final stages of our new Flywheel Cloud Platform!

Managing SSL

We believe that every site at Flywheel should be secured with SSL (after all, it’s free in most cases)! However, this feature was pretty tricky to find, so we’ve moved it front-and-center, to the same place where you manage domains!

Managing CDN

We’ve moved CDN from the former Add-Ons tab to the Stats tab to make way for some coming changes this year! It functions the exact same way as it used to.

Managing Multisite

For customers that use Multisite, we’ve moved this feature to the WordPress management card in the Advanced tab for each site. This groups the WordPress-specific options together and gives you an easy way to manage your WordPress-specific features in one location!