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Package up common themes and plugins

Flywheel’s Blueprints saves you a bunch of time when whipping up WordPress sites. When you create a Blueprint of an existing site, that site’s theme and plugins will be saved as a custom configuration you can use for building out future projects. When you create a new site, you’ll have the option of starting from one of your existing Blueprints with the click of a button (no manual installation needed)!

  • The perfect turnkey solution

    If your agency or company offers clients a turnkey solution for their new website, Blueprints is a great way to cut down on your production time. For each site option you provide, create a Blueprint to store for future use. When a client selects their theme, simply select that Blueprint and spin up your next site with one click.

  • Simplifies recurring site projects

    Some agencies use Blueprints for different types of standard sites they typically build out for clients. Use our Blueprints feature to create your “WooCommerce” blueprint, your “Small Business” blueprint, or perhaps your “Coming Soon” blueprint.

  • Focus on the design details

    With Blueprints, your WordPress configuration and manual set-up time is fully removed so you can focus on the client’s specific needs and customizations.

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