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Real help from real humans, 24 hours a day

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Real help from real humans, 24 hours a day
Real help from real humans, 24 hours a day
Real help from real humans, 24 hours a day
Real help from real humans, 24 hours a day
Real help from real humans, 24 hours a day
Real help from real humans, 24 hours a day

All the answers you need in one place

The perfect support software didn't exist, so we built it ourselves! No matter where you're at in the Flywheel app, you'll be able to access real-time support with a single click via our help box. We also created a centralized place right within the dashboard where you can create, reply to, and close out tickets. This gives you a singular place to keep track of support threads, so there's no more digging through your inbox to find the answers!

Get answers 24/7/365

Our global team is ready with helpful answers whenever you need them! Regardless of what time zone you're in or what time you're working, we've got you covered.

Industry-leading support

We completely understand the frustration with typical support experiences, so we’ve created an innovative approach in our handy help box (and no other host has anything like it)!

Expert WordPress advice

Say goodbye to robotic auto-responses and low-quality answers. Our team of technical WordPress experts aren’t just here to clear out a queue, they’re here to support you.

Life at Flywheel

Put our support team to the test

We'll even move your site to Flywheel for free!

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As many of the answers as we could compile!

What in the world is a happiness engineer?!

It’s our title for a top-notch, customer service expert on all things WordPress, hosting, and site management. While they’re located around the world, every single one starts with a month of training in our Omaha, NE headquarters, so they know Flywheel inside and out!

Why do you focus on chat support?

Our goal is to provide you with real answers from real people in real-time, and a chat platform is one of the best ways to do that! Plus, screenshots are incredibly useful for support interactions.

Do you offer phone support

Yes! It’s available for all customers paying $250 (or more) a month. Not there yet, but want to be? Talk to our Product Specialists!

Can I get support for Local?

If you need help with a Local Connect issue on a Flywheel site, our team is always happy to help! If it’s on the local development side, the Local forums are the best place to get answers.