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Having your site hacked absolutely sucks. Nobody wants to have tasteless ads show up on their homepage or spam go out from their email. If your site does get hacked, we'll help clean it up, and provide suggestions on how to better protect your site from the ground up!


How Artmil offloaded countless hours of security management to Flywheel

Paul Miller of Artmil launched 34 sites in his first month with Flywheel; the majority of those sites were migrated in about two days. Artmil chose Flywheel for our rock-solid WordPress specific security. With Flywheel, Paul and his team spend less time worrying about if their sites are secure and more time working on client projects.

WordPress Security
  • Security Plugins Aren’t A Default Move

    Since we take steps to start security at the server level, most sites don’t need security plugins anymore. In fact, we recommend that you not even install them. Conflicting plugins bring performance issues of their own, so why bother? We’ve got you covered.

  • Free malware removal

    If your site does get hacked, Flywheel’s Happiness Engineers will jump in right away and get to work cleaning up the infection. We’ll also notify you of our progress along the way. Again, that’s for free!

  • Two-factor Authentication

    Passwords aren’t perfect, so we encourage you to set up 2FA using your favorite third-party application (or you can use SMS to receive one-time login codes).

Strong password enforcement
  • Limited login attempts

    Brute force attacks are some of the most common ways that attackers gain access to a WordPress site. We protect against this both at the site and server level; multiple failed attempts means malicious users can never get inside.

  • Plugin Security Alerts

    Outdated plugins and themes are the number one entry point for attacks that could take down your site. Flywheel provides free Plugin Security Alerts, so you’ll be notified via email when a vulnerable plugin puts your site at risk.

  • Managed WordPress updates

    No doubt you want your WordPress software to always be running the most up-to-date and secure version. Admittedly keeping up-to-date can be a painful task. But you’re in luck — we handle all of the core WordPress updates for you.

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