We've reimagined SFTP

A new kind of SFTP for the modern web design workflow

Reimagined SFTP
Reimagined SFTP

SFTP access doesn't have to be so annoying

Endless spreadsheets listing clients’ usernames and passwords for SFTP? Things of the past. Hounding clients for login information? Just a painful memory. We think about SFTP access differently here, and we’ve made it easier specifically for the workflows of web designers and developers.

  • One SFTP login

    We’ve talked about how you get your own personal Flywheel username and password; that same personal login gets you SFTP access for all of the sites you own and all the sites you’re collaborating on. No need to remember multiple sets of credentials.

  • All of your sites in one place

    Log into the Flywheel SFTP server, and you’ll see all of your sites in one place, neatly arranged according to owner. Have access to a thousand client sites? That’s not a problem for this sweetly organized interface.

Collaboration screenshot Collaboration screenshot
  • Grant and remove access

    With traditional hosting and SFTP, granting access means passing around a username and password. And revoking? Impossible, unless you change the password. We wanted to make this stuff easy. Simply invite your collaborators with an email address and remove their access whenever their work is done.

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