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Hosting with happy, helpful humans

SeaMonster Studios

SeaMonster Studios is a friendly, full-service digital agency based in Seattle, Washington that offers data-driven strategy, design, and development for your brands.

When SeaMonster Studios sought out a new hosting company, they knew they wanted a true partnership rather than just a service.

While the agency’s prior hosting provider gave plenty of out-of-the-box solutions, the SeaMonster team was looking for more custom solutions that fit the needs and budgets of their diverse client base. Needless to say, the price was a huge factor in choosing a host. The agency works with a broad spectrum of clients, from small businesses to large brands. A cost of $99 each month to SeaMonster’s smaller clients could be difficult, whereas larger clients have a bit more flexibility with their budget.

However, the price was not the only driver in deciding on a new host. SeaMonster was looking for a true hosting partner with a personal touch — one that matched the wit and whimsy they were known for.

Flywheel’s pricing was better and that was a big deal for me,” said Wes Buckwalter, owner of SeaMonster Studios. “I don't need to pay an exorbitant amount of money that I can't easily pass through to our clients."

SeaMonster Studios was drawn to Flywheel's whimsical brand and knowledgable support and sales teams.

Wes stumbled across Flywheel through an ad for Local because it seemed like a solid product for his development workflow. After further research and conversations with the team, he really felt connected to the happy and knowledgeable humans at Flywheel. 

I was super attracted to the design of all of Flywheel's assets," said Buckwalter. "The marketing materials were designer-focused, not developer-focused. But it also seemed like Flywheel’s employees were super happy and very nice. So, initially, it was the marketing, but the people had a nice gravitational pull."

Flywheel calmed SeaMonster Studios with happy and humanized hosting.

Over the past year and a half, SeaMonster has grown their client base by 40% and doubled their team. Products like Local and Growth Suite have played key roles in day-to-day workflow improvement and streamlined client billing. 

In addition to extensive growth, SeaMonster has found peace of mind in the reliability of the Flywheel platform and the 24/7 support from real WordPress experts. 

I rarely see the Flywheel dashboard broken, and sites deploy the way you expect them to," Buckwalter said. "Flywheel is a very nice, white-glove service with cool engineers who know what they were talking about. It is just a solid company with a solid product."

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