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Grow your agency more quickly and predictably with subscription and one-time billing, client management, and managed WordPress hosting.

Growth Suite hosting plans

Hosting plans centered around your clients

Replace your unorganized spreadsheets and extra costs with one dashboard for WordPress hosting, subscription billing, and client management.

With easy-to-digest data at your fingertips, you’ll have the information and confidence you crave to earn monthly recurring revenue and take your business to the next level.

Revenue dashboard

Client subscription & billing

Client management

Client portal

Service creation

Connect to Stripe

Data dashboard
Create predictable, recurring revenue with data-informed decisions

Growth Suite gives you intuitive insights such as which clients have recently paid (or who hasn’t), what services bring in the most revenue, and your total revenue earned. All this data is designed to help you make educated decisions around your services and business strategy, but most importantly, it will set you up for predictable, recurring revenue!

Invoicing dashboard
Simplify client billing and invoicing

Bill your clients for one-time and recurring services (with or without a site attached). Growth Suite supports your entire book of business and coaches you along the way to successful subscription billing. Apply discounts, add invoice notes, and bill your clients in multiple currencies – all under your own brilliant brand!

Put your clients first

Organize your dashboard around your clients (not sites), easily see the total MRR each client is paying you, and share notes with anyone in your organization for better streamlined client communication. We’ll also automate agency-branded emails for you regarding payments, and give your clients a custom portal where they can securely submit payments, edit contact information, and contact you.

Coming soon
Send automated client reports

Showcase the work you’ve done and share how a client’s site is performing, automatically. Our agency-branded reports will give you a professional and consistent look while giving your clients confidence in their site performance, uptime, and you! Growth Suite makes it easy to maintain a transparent and professional relationship with your clients.

Flywheel hosting platform
Built on Flywheel’s delightful hosting platform

Get all of this in addition to the features you love about Flywheel’s managed WordPress platform, including blazing fast site speeds, super secure infrastructure, collaborative workflows tools, and 24/7 support.

Growth Suite

Growth Suite Plans

All of our plans are built to grow with your business and have all the Flywheel features you love. Whether you have 10 sites or 300, we'll find the plan that works best for you!

  • Freelance

    A great setup for your growing client list


    Billed at $1350/year.
    Includes 2 months free!

    Get started

    Up to 10 sites

    100,000 monthly visits


    20GB storage


    200GB bandwidth



  • Agency

    A powerful deal for your next-level business


    Billed at $3300/year.
    Includes 2 months free!

    Get started

    Up to 30 sites

    400,000 monthly visits


    50GB storage


    500GB bandwidth



  • Custom

    A personalized hosting plan from our team!

    Contact us!

    Chat now

    Starting at 100 sites

    1.6M+ visits monthly visits


    120GB+ storage


    1TB+ bandwidth



What Growth Suite customers think

See how Growth Suite is an essential tool for freelancers and agencies

Brad Hogan

Growth Suite is the evolution of billing for freelancers and agencies that we’ve been missing. It’s hands-down the best way to bill your clients.

Brad Hogan,

Designer & developer


Earned from Flywheel's billing solutions


Recurring client subscriptions


Recurring Service templates


Confetti pieces thrown in celebration of your growing agency


As many of the answers as we could compile!

Will there be additional features added to Growth Suite?

Absolutely! It doesn’t end with the features above. We’ll continuously add new features over time, so you can have everything you need at your fingertips to grow and succeed. 

Have a feature idea? Let us know!


I see the “beta” tag. What does that mean?

Growth Suite is currently in beta, which means you’ll not only get the opportunity to be first to get hands-on experience with it, but you’ll also help shape the future of the product through your valued feedback!

It also means you have access to the product sooner and can get started billing your clients right away. 🥳

Can you import my clients for me?

Yes, we sure can! Once you get in touch with one of our team members, they’ll walk you through importing clients.

How is this different from White Label?

White Label was a previous billing solution offered by Flywheel. Growth Suite builds on the best of White Label, preserving the top features while improving areas that we received a lot of customer feedback on, such as allowing invoices to be sent out without a site attached to them and better currency support. 

Growth Suite is a full package of hosting, subscription billing, a revenue dashboard, and client management — all working together. This means it’s a hosting plan, rather than an add-on like White Label was. 

Lastly, Growth Suite is client-focused, not site-focused. Your Flywheel dashboard will take on a whole new look, giving you the information you need to best serve your clients.

How can I submit feedback for Growth Suite?

We’d love you to get involved and help us determine the product’s future. Check out our public Canny board!

Why should I purchase Growth Suite over Flywheel’s other hosting plans?

If you manage clients, resell hosting, and offer other services, such as design or SEO, then Growth Suite is the more suitable plan for you. 

If you just need hosting, without the tools and features of Growth Suite, then our Managed WordPress hosting plans would best fit your needs. 

Want our thoughts on it? If you’re hosting sites on behalf of clients, you should absolutely be reselling hosting (in addition to the rest of your brilliant services) and all under one login and one hosting subscription. Gone are the days of using 4 different software tools to keep your processes afloat.