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Scale your agency while keeping your sanity

Extraordinary Brands

Darren Peel, Founder of Extraordinary Brands, leverages Growth Suite to earn monthly recurring revenue, so he can move away from project-to-project workflows and live his life outside of work.

Agency growth can be a tricky process

As an agency owner, Darren Peel found that working project-to-project quickly became unsustainable and he wasn’t building a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue (MRR). As he was building his book of business and new projects were flowing in, he knew he needed to make a change in how he billed and managed his clients. He discovered that the only way to scale his agency, while keeping his sanity, was to generate a consistent stream of monthly recurring revenue, and look professional while doing so.

Peel was hungry for new business and wanted to grow, but wasn’t sure how. One thing he was sure of: He needed to change how he operated his agency, and needed better tools and resources to do so. 

“I would say MRR, in general, is an absolute game-changer for my business and one of my most valuable KPIs I track,” said Peel.

Enter Growth Suite: a platform (and all-in-one solution for growing agencies), that allows Peel to make monthly recurring revenue, capitalize on his client relationships, and streamline his business.

Growth Suite has fundamentally changed how I operate my business. It streamlines my workflow, gives a better experience for my clients, and has given me the means of creating monthly recurring revenue that is both easy and fun to track! I would not have the business (or the life) that I have today without the help of Growth Suite.

Saying goodbye to one-off projects

Growth Suite has made charging clients on a monthly basis incredibly easy for Peel and his agency. “I truly cannot fathom how other web designers are not using this tool,” said Peel.

An unforeseen benefit with continually charging his clients is that it keeps his agency in close contact with all of them, which has built trust and transparency. That resulted in Peel re-winning his clients’ business month over month and allowed him to continuously showcase his value to maintain strong, ongoing relationships with clients.

Peel is already making close to $1.5K/month in monthly recurring revenue with almost no extra work—the ultimate work/life balance goal!

I have an ever-growing list of clients that are (and will continue) to pay me every month...forever. Every client is now worth an additional $588 per year, $2,940 per 5 years, and potentially $5,880 per 10 years. It blows my mind that Growth Suite has become such a valuable asset to my business. The team is awesome, has helped me at every stage of growth, and is always improving the product!

Monthly recurring revenue for the win

Peel has discovered the power of breaking out of the “project-to-project” mindset by building a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue. With the help of Growth Suite, he has unlocked the key to success and is enjoying life outside of work because of it. 

He has seen a drastic increase in his performance metrics after switching to Growth Suite, boosting revenue by an average of $49/month per client and accelerating his ability to earn income quickly and easily.

I’ve created a near passive revenue stream that gives me peace of mind knowing I can quit my job tomorrow and still be able to maintain my current lifestyle. So freaking fulfilling and it's just the start!

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