20 web designer Dribbble accounts we love

20 web designer Dribbble accounts we love

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1. Meagan Fisher

Megan is a talented designer based in New York who focuses on type and texture.


2. Waseem Arshad

Waseem is a freelance designer based in Dubai with nearly 10 years of experience. He focuses on UI/UX, web and app design, and branding.


3. Florian Casanova

Florian is a designer based in Paris who works on logos, UI/UX and web design.


4. Arian Selimaj

Arian is a design student living in Kosovo. He focuses on UI/UX and web design, and creates WordPress themes.


5. Oliur Rahman

Oliur is a UK-based designer focusing on UI/UX and web design. He’s the founder of UltraLinx, a UK-based web magazine dedicated to curating web content focused on design and technology. He also creates stunning, minimalist WordPress and Tumblr themes.


6. Casper maul Knudsen

Casper is a print, UI and web designer based in Denmark. He works as the art director at Form Agenda, a digital agency in Denmark that does logo and identity design, along with print, web, and UI design, among other things.


7. Blaz Robar

Blaz is an Australian web designer based in Melbourne. He creates PSD web templates and UI elements that are available for download on his site.


8. Sam Stratton

Sam is a graphic designer based in Savannah, GA working for Focus Lab, a digital agency specializing in web development, branding and design.


9. James Alonso

James is a UI/UX designer from Colombia. He specializes in branding, UI/UX, product and prototype design and wireframes for both web and mobile applications


10. Haraldur Thorleifsson

Haraldur is a creative director specializing in UI/UX and web design. He’s an amazing designer who has worked for companies like Google, Microsoft, TiVo, Pinterest, YouTube, The Economist, and Square.


11. Maxwell Barvian

Maxwell is a Chicago-based designer specializing in web, UI/UX, HTML, CSS and javascript.


12. Marine Legrand

Marine is a designer based in Paris working for AgenceMe, a web design and integration agency.


13. 3magine

3magine is a Toronto-based product design and development studio that focuses on UI/UX, mobile, web and product design.


14. Corey Haggard

Corey is a UI and web designer in Denver, CO working at thoughtbot. He focuses on user-friendly interfaces that are both beautiful and easy to use.


15. Phil Lester

Phil is a designer and developer based in Virginia. He’s the founder and creative director at Dreamten Studios, an agency focused on brand and identity, UI/UX, web and mobile design, among other things.


16. Damian Watracz

Damian is a graphic and web designer living in Kraków, Poland. He focuses on web, interface, UI/UX, mobile app, and theme design for startups and companies.


17. Drew Wilson

Drew is a California-based designer who creates beautiful and simple websites and logos.


18. Dann Petty

Dann is creative director and entrepreneur based in San Francisco and has some big clients under his belt, such as Medium, Nike, Adobe, Facebook and North Face.


19. Tommy Roussel

Tommy is a UI designer based in Paris focusing on web, UI/UX, mobile design and web applications.

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20. Séan Halpin

Séan is an Irish web designer based in Toronto who creates beautiful, responsive sites and specializes in front end, UI/UX, and web design.


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  1. Molly

    December 20, 2017

    Hey! Nice list of designers! I will also recommend you to visit website designer's blog https://fuselabcreative.com/the-role-of-graphic-designers-in-the-healthcare-industry/ I'm sure everyone will like it as they have totally different mind and creativity :)

  2. James

    November 12, 2013

    Hey, thanks for the post.


    Great Designers!

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