Designer Spotlight: Jeff Immer

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This post is part of Flywheel’s “Designer Spotlight” series, which features an interview with a designer/coder/mover/shaker who uses Flywheel.



Jeff Immer, owner of BiKlops Design in Kansas City, MO.

What’s your workspace like?

We use a coworking space here in KC called “ThinkBig!”. It’s a big, open, airy space with free coffee. And M&Ms.

How long have you worked as a designer?

10 years I think? Maybe 11?

Is there something that sparked your interest in design?

Wallpaper Magazine. And a desire to not be dead broke any more.

Where do you find inspiration when you design?

Movies, jokes, art. i like looking at and listening to records. I avoid looking at real design sites and blogs as I work.

What are three things you to do get the creative juices flowing when you’ve hit a roadblock?

Walk away from the computer. Drink cocktails. See a movie.

What are some bands/artists you listen to while you’re designing?

SOOOO many. Right now I’m loving the Ssion, Robyn, Foxygen, Gold Panda.

What’s the best part of your day as a designer?

Usually by around 3 I’ve finally finished answering the phone, sending emails, writing proposals, and I can actually make something! I try to make sure the first thing I make is weird or funny to get my mind working and my playfulness activated.

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What’s the hardest part about being a designer?

Explaining to your parents that it’s a real job and that people need it.

If you couldn’t design, what would you do?

Art? Or something arguably similar to that.

Have a favorite design-related website?

I usually check out dribbble, ffffound and Beautiful Type.

Any up-and-coming designers who you think are awesome?

Here in Kansas City Laura Berglund and Ian Tirone are both future millionaires.  I’m happy I’m friends with Ian—maybe he’ll put me up in a good nursing home one day.

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  1. Brian Wilkins

    July 15, 2013

    Jeff's done great work for Phase 5 Group. I'd highly recommend him!

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