Confessions of a graphic design student

Confessions of a graphic design student

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When you tell people that you go to school for art, hardly anyone takes you seriously. They think you spend your time finger painting and doodling, and never have to write essays or take tests.

While it mostly fun being a graphic design student, if anyone tells you that it isn’t hard work – they’re lying.After staying up over 24 hours trying to finish a design project, there are many cheats I’ve discovered and guilty pleasures I now have that I owe to my roots of being a graphic design student.

Here are 17 of my not-so-secret thoughts I have as a graphic design student everyday:

1. I Live Trace sometimes.


And to contrary belief, it can look good (sometimes).

2. If I’m lazy, I won’t individually kern letters.


Although, when you see the finished product it will probably bug you when two letters are touching and aren’t supposed to.

3. I still don’t know everything about the Pen tool.


It seems everyday I learn something else that it can do.

4. If I’m running out of time, I’ll just use Helvetica.


You can’t argue with Helvetica.

5. My favorite hobby is criticizing stock photography.


There are fabulous stock photos out there, yet people still use the cheesy guy in a suit staring contently at a blank computer screen.

6. I can’t look at a movie poster or book cover without critiquing it.


Literally. Every single time.

7. I buy stuff just to keep the packaging.


I don’t need juice boxes, but if they’re shaped like cute little fruits I’ll buy them all.

8. Sometimes the first idea is the best one.


Just don’t tell your professor it was the first.

9. I wish it was legal to use Google images.


Because sometimes it’s just impossible to find the stock photo you want (but that’s when you’re supposed to get creative and make your own).

10. I have three projects started that I don’t know if I’ll ever finish.


I swear I want to, I just keep coming up with more ideas and have no time to do them all!

11. I may be a designer, but I suck at most arts ’n’ crafts.


I can’t sew, crochet, or decorate cakes, but I like to think I’m still artsy-fartsy.

12. I hate everything that has Comic Sans on it – no matter what.


Okay, I know it can be used for children books, but I still don’t like it.

13. I don’t read every article or book on design like my professors tell me to.


I do try, but it’s tough to keep up with all of them.

14. I want real clients, but I hate dealing with people.


Sometimes you’ll get great clients, but other times you’ll get clients from hell.

15. I’m jealous of professional designers who didn’t have to pay for college to get there.


I didn’t know I wanted to be a designer until my second year of college; I’d give anything for the natural talent that many of the professional designers have.

16. When I have 4 projects to do, I’ll take a nap instead.


I mean, what better way to get things done than ignore them?

17. I wouldn’t change my career for anything.


Or my years as a graphic design student.

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