Blurred backgrounds by Dreamstale

Free blurred background packs

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You probably know how to create your own beautiful, blurred background. But if you’re waiting on a specific image from a client or just need a quick image for a mock-up, sometimes it’s easier just to download a blurred image and go.

Here are nine free blurred background packs to use in your designs.

1. 12 blurred backgrounds by Matt Gentile


2. 30 blurred backgrounds from Pixaroma


3. 6 summer, blurred backgrounds by Dreamstale

Blurred backgrounds by Dreamstale

4. 9 blurred black and white photos by Gabe Casalett


5. 20 blurred backgrounds by Asif Aleem


6. 10 blurred backgrounds by Creative Moments


7. 40 blurred backgrounds by Georgian-Sorin Maxim


8. 15 blurred garden photos by Freddy Torres


9. 10 blurred backgrounds by Jorge Castillo


Have a specific pack that you keep coming back to? Help us grow this list by adding some of your favorites!

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