The best 2016 Year in Review sites

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Year in Review sites never fail to push the boundaries of design, making them wonderful sources of inspiration. From fabulous layouts with effective hierarchy to inspiring graphics and photography, these microsites always seem to find a way to do it all (and make it work well).


To kick off the new year, check out some of our favorite Year in Review sites from 2016!

Campaign Monitor2016-year-in-review-campaign-monitor

If you’re a fan of microinteractions and subtle animations, head over to Campaign Monitor’s 2016 Year in Review site right now. Their parallax design has some of the smoothest scrolling around with some delightful animations mixed in. If this doesn’t inspire you to create some incredible sites this year, I don’t know what will! Check it out.


The design may be simple, but it really complements the content. Instead of focusing on facts about Behance as a company, they focused on stories and themes from members of the Behance community. (Which is incredibly inspiring, in and of itself.) As your scroll down this site, you’ll find success stories, beautiful works that members uploaded, and just a whole lot of design greatness to pull from this year. Check it out here.


Featuring bright and beautiful colors and a simple one-page layout, Algolia’s 2016 Year in Review is wonderfully simple. It’s a good reminder to focus on content, and the rest will fall right into place. Plus, the top of the page has a color-changing gradient that’s just mesmerizing to stare at. Check it out!


Not only is Automattic’s 2016 Year in Review site pleasant to scroll through, but it also has some awesome facts about the community we love the most: WordPress! They’ve broken the site into sections based on the different portions of the company, so you’ll find facts about WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and more. Check it out.


If you couldn’t already tell, we just love Year in Review sites here at Flywheel, so of course we wanted to make one, too! We grabbed some of our favorite props around the office, some smiling employees, and had a fun little photo shoot to create the images on our microsite.

It’s been a fun way to reflect on the past year and celebrate our accomplishments, so to keep the party going, we’ve whipped up a sweet new tee (that you can win!) to match. Check out our site and entire to win here!

Creative Market2016-year-in-review-creative-market

As a super creative company, it’s only right that Creative Market has an artistic Year in Review site for 2016! The hand-drawn theme flows throughout the microsite, giving it a very creative and DIY feel. Plus, if you’re in the mood to do a little shopping, they’re giving 10% off the top 100 products! I’d highly recommend checking out their Year in Review.


Litmus has some truly incredible stats from 2016, and their Year in Review site truly helps show them off. With scrolling numbers that add up to the total as you scroll down the page, you can really feel the growth they’ve accomplished. The color palette they’ve chosen is also really pleasant to look at while you journey down the page. Check it out.


For something a little different than the traditional one-page Year in Review, check out Flama’s 2016 site. Instead of scrolling vertically, you click to move horizontally through the page, almost like the site is a giant slideshow. Combined with bold colors and photos from the year, it’s a great tribute to the past year. Check it out.


With great illustrations and clever animations, MailChimp’s Year in Review site has a great (and certainly inspiring) design. They’ve got some wonderfully random facts that are fun to scroll through, making this a great site to visit for a break in the day. Check it out.

That’s it for our list, but I’m sure there are other incredible Year in Review sites out there. Do you have a favorite? Or did you create one? Share your sites in the comments!

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  1. Adrian

    January 18, 2017

    Thanks for the round up!

    I always felt these posts are a good way of taking a step back and appreciating the year that just went by.

    This also encouraged me to write our first year in review post: https://www.cozmoslabs.com/76202-business-growth-best-metric-focus-2016-year-review

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