15 creative workspaces to inspire your office

15 creative workspaces to inspire your office

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As a creative, you know the importance of having a workspace work for you. It’s a place that should help you meet deadlines and inspire you to do your best work. 

Depending on your personality and style, your ideal workspace may differ from other creatives. Some like their workspace spic and span, others like some organized chaos. Personally, I gravitate toward neat and tidy with a sprinkle of motivation!

No matter what your style is, I’ve collected some of the best workspaces for every type of creative to inspire your next workspace!

These creatives set up some sick workspaces: 

  1. Kyle Plattner
  2. Alfonso Severo
  3. Kirsten Langmuur
  4. Alex Dixon
  5. Nguyen Le
  6. Pawel Magiera
  7. Rese Wynn
  8. Adam Nielsen
  9. Quella Hendley
  10. Smart Thing Creative
  11. Ludmila Shevchenko
  12. Jessica Welling
  13. BIT IT 
  14. Red Davis
  15. Sven Lenaerts

Kyle Plattner

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this in awe. Wood paneling, bookshelves galore, and a HUGE sticky pad nearby for ideas, thoughts, and doodles…can it get any better than this? 

Kyle truly crafted a workspace that speaks to his personality. Without even meeting him, you can tell he’s a creative that’s inspired (or motivated) by nature. This outdoorsy workspace is a lovely mixture of work and play. 

My office is intentionally in a separate building from my house to help reinforce it as a space to do focused creative work without distractions. Being 100% present when I’m focused on work and then 100% present when I’m focused on being a husband and father makes me more effective at both pursuits. 

— Kyle

We recommend this workspace for any creative wanting to have their own workspace “cave” where they know they can go and get work done, even when the family is at home!

This workspace may be the perfect inspiration for a  freelancer or remote wanting to create a space that’s inspired by the outdoors. 

This workspace is great for creatives that:

  • Typically work from home with family around
  • Like a space where you won’t be bothered
  • Enjoy standing while working
  • Want to bring some of the outdoors, indoors

Alfonso Severo

Sometimes less is more, right? Alfonso’s workspace is a balance of modern and simple. He’s got the essentials: a computer, headphones, mouse, a notebook, and a lamp. We have to give this workspace some bonus points for being near a window where the natural light can spill in! 

This workspace is quintessential for those creatives that need to block out all distractions and get sh** done. 

We recommend this workspace for most creatives, but it may be extra beneficial if you’re a content creator. When those ideas are coming faster than you can type and it’s time to write, you’re going to want a clean desk like this. 

This is perfect if you like a workspace that’s:

  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Distraction-free

Kirsten Langmuur

Kirsten has built a workspace that’s a match for my “A” types out there. Everything has a place and everything is in its place! This workspace is fully loaded with lots of resources and boxes, but still has space so you don’t feel too cooped up while working. 

Kirsten turned to the great Albert Einstein when it came to finding inspiration for her desk:

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

– Albert Einstein

This desk setup is an organization lover’s dream, especially if you want to create a place that’s:

  • Tidy
  • Organized
  • Stocked with resources just a reach away

If you love to have resources on hand and are constantly utilizing them for work, you’ll love this workspace!

Alex Dixon

Alex has molded an office that doesn’t even feel like a workspace! The warm lighting and world map above the monitor are just a couple of my favorite things about this area. 

I spend a lot of time working from home, so investing in a workspace which is appealing is crucial to keeping me focused and productive. In my case, I’ve dedicated a whole room to my home-office, allowing me to have somewhere to concentrate without distractions.

— Alex

Take a closer look and you’ll see some sticky-notes on the wall. Who needs a bulletin board when you’ve built adequate wall space in your workspace?

 Are you a person that constantly spews ideas or is a visual learner? This workspace should be your inspiration! 

This type of office could be a great fit for you if you constantly have big ideas about new designs, content ideas, etc. Bonus points for snagging an awesome view next to your desk.

Being able to precisely fine-tune my environment helps me to produce my best work.

— Alex

This is perfect if you like a workspace that’s:

  • Warm
  • Inviting
  • Productive

Nguyen Le

Whoever said “less is more” would probably get along with Nguyen. All he needs is a cleared desk and some inspiration on the wall!

 This minimalistic workspace would be the crème de la crème for a budding photographer or designer that loves to be inspired. 

You’ll want your coffee (or tea!) as close as can be while you’re grinding, but not so close that it could interrupt your work. Consider having a tray in your workspace to separate projects, papers, or cups of coffee. 

One of the best parts about my workspace is the commute time is 0. It’s in my home which means I don’t waste energy and time travelling. I get to spend more time with my family every morning. And when I start work I have a workspace that’s filled with resources that I love and an area that is clean and simple. So I can focus purely on the work.

— Nguyen

Even if this setup isn’t for you, you can take the inspiration idea into your workspace. Tape up some photos, quotes, or people you find inspiring for when you lose focus or need some extra motivation! 

This desk setup is perfect if you like design that is: 

  • Modern
  • Minimalistic
  • Inspirational

Pawel Magiera

Pawel knows how to maximize his technology to make the next best thing! He’s got it all, within an arm’s reach.

Whether it’s using the iPad to sketch out some illustration ideas, pumping some of your favorite tunes to get you inspired, or signing contracts, this workspace is every techies’ dream.

Be warned: The tools we surround ourselves with can make or break your creativity. Know yourself and your temptations with technology so you’re not slowing down productivity. 

 If you’re handling client communication and always need your phone nearby for phone calls, this may be the workspace for you. 

This office should be your inspiration if you like to be: 

  • Surrounded by technology 
  • Collaborative online

Rese Wynn

This desk is very near and dear to our hearts because it belongs to Flywheel’s very own graphic design intern, Rese!

I have to keep my desk clean, partly because a crowded desk makes me crazy/distracted and partly because at any moment, I can sing “So fresh and So Clean” by OutKast.

— Rese

Some items you can ALWAYS find on his desk: his dinosaurs, sketch book, toy soldier, his picture of the sun, and his handy dandy air pods. These are the items that fuel Rese’s mind for making the next badass ebook cover or conference design.

This workspace is a perfect match for a young creative looking for a nice balance of productivity and whimsy in the workplace. 

The best part about Rese’s desk is that it can be mimicked, even if you’re in a corporate office doing in-house creative work! Your workspace is what you make it.

Use this desk as inspiration if you’re looking for something: 

  • Fun
  • Unique to you
  • Collaborative in the office

At Flywheel, our floor plan and workspaces tie in with our values. We’ve crafted a workspace that’s ideal for collaboration, quick meetings, and building connections with those in and out of your department. 

Adam Nielsen

We know workspaces are hard to keep consistent, especially if you’re a remote or mobile employee. You take your work with you wherever you go, so your office could be a coffee shop, your couch, or a coworking space, and it changes every single day. In these cases, you’ll want to create your own space like Adam does! 

I am fortunate to work from home and for myself. This helps me balance life better. I can work from where I’m comfortable on any given day and not be tied to my desk or specific start and stop times.

— Adam

We recommend that you find an atmosphere where you can be productive and free from distractions. 

If I’m stuck I can step away and not feel guilty, if I’m inspired, I don’t have to go far to put that inspiration to use.   

— Adam

From there, you’ll want to make sure you always carry the essentials. For Adam, it’s his Mac, his wireless mouse, and his notebook with a pencil to draw some sketches. 

This “packing list” workspace is great for remote or mobile employees!

“ Just like the famous saying “home is where your heart is,” well, work is where the coffee is. ”

Don’t work in the same space every day? Search for a place that you can:

  • Work without distractions
  • Be productive
  • Bring the items you need (i.e. markerboard to map out user flows)

Quella Hendley

Calling all my girl bosses and ladies that like to get sh** done!

It may be a smaller space, but Quella Hendley has the items she needs to get the job done; calendar so you don’t miss due dates, inspirational posters and quotes, and of course, a candle for when the stress from work gets to you!

Love Rachel Hollis or Beyoncé? This workspace may be the one for you to motivate you to finish those projects and continue working toward your goals!

Smart Thing Creative

This workspace has the best of both worlds.

 If you’re a creative that’s easily distracted or has trouble focusing, this workspace is for you. 

If you are a creative that likes to buckle down when it comes to deadlines and grind out some code or content, this space should be yours. 

To me, it’s important to have an organised and clean workspace that can help you to be more creative. 

–Roberto, CEO of Smart Thing

Limiting the amount of distractions around you and just having your laptop, some pen and paper and some plants may be all you need for your workspace. 

This workspace isn’t too fancy but it does what a workspace is meant for: work. 

Look to Smart Thing Creative if you need a workspace that’s: 

  • Simply a workspace
  • Simple but gets the job done
  • Easy to set up/tear down

Ludmila Shevchenko

Wow, wow, wow! Can you imagine working and this is your view for 40 hours a week? We can only dream, right?

Ludmila is a designer and illustrator who’s workspace is uniquely situated in a place where tranquility meets peace. 

In a bustling world where it seems no one ever stops, this space probably works wonders when you need some hours to design a logo, crank out content, or finish editing some photos. 

A big part of creating a workspace is not just the space itself, but the environment and energy surrounding it. Some people can get work done in a coffee shop, others need complete silence. Some people love to work outside and listen to nature while others like to be secluded from the world while they finish a project. 

Figuring out what environment you want your workspace to be in will help in the long run of establishing a space unique and special to you. 

This needs to go on your inspiration board if you’re searching for a workspace that is: 

  • Quiet
  • Secluded
  • Surrounded by nature

Jessica Welling

This workspace looks fresh out of a catalogue, but we checked and it’s real. Jessica made a desk with mostly white furniture that’s fit for photography and blog projects! 

Every workspace needs natural light. I always gravitate toward a comfy spot near a window in my home, so I chose the brightest spot in the house for my home office. 

— Jessica

There’s also so much storage, so keep that in mind if you’re a person that likes to keep hard copies.

This bright workspace is great for creatives that love to work in natural light.

Turn to this space if you need a desk that’s: 

  • Built for storage
  • Ready for all projects
  • Made for multi-tasking


This workspace is goals. Clean, sleek, and modern.

This might be a good fit if you are a creative that tends to have a lot of virtual client meetings or clients in office. 

A spic and span workspace is much better to show clients than a messy one. A minimalist approach may be the way to go if you are someone that gets distracted by a messy area. The less items you keep on your desk, the less chance there will be a mess. 

This is perfect if you like a workspace that’s:

  • Sleek
  • Futuristic
  • Minimalistic

Red Davis

Man Cave — meet office cave. 

This little corner of productivity can be quaint and amazing for stay-at-home creatives who don’t have that extra room for an office.

Again, your workspace is about what you need and how much work you can get done. In this case, all you need is your monitor, your desk, and a wall to give you some peace and quiet while you finish up some work. 

For my workspace to help me do my best work it needs to be comfortable and distraction free. 

— Red

Take a note if you’re searching for a workspace that:

  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Is simple to set up
  • Is quaint for a house

Sven Lenaerts

As creatives, we can get carried away with all the items we can have in our space. Sven has an at-home office with a view and all the necessities he needs. Computer, notebook, and some open space. 

Imagine working here on a serene, rainy day!

Calling all my introverted creatives that like to grind with a view. This is a workspace that’s perfect for you!

This workspace is great for: 

  • Introverts
  • People-watchers (we know you’re out there)
  • People inspired by outdoor surroundings


There are so many resources that you can find for inspiration but the first step in creating a workspace is knowing what you like and don’t like!

Some things to think about are:

  • Necessities
  • Location
  • Space
  • Environment
  • Noise level
  • Internet

Once you do a little soul searching to figure out what you like and don’t like, go to town on building your workspace. Good luck! 

Having a great workspace is step one of growing your business this year. Step two? Downloading this free guide!

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