Why your agency needs a strong social media presence

Why your agency needs a strong social media presence

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Oh, social media. Some days you can’t live with it, some days you can’t live without it. But either way, your agency should be taking advantage of all the benefits of social networks, even if it doesn’t feel like a core part of your business (yet).

See, while social media may feel tedious at times, it’s much more than a post on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. It’s part of brand awareness – a key part of your sales funnel for any potential client looking to book your services. And one day, social media might even be part of your services as a recurring revenue channel that brings in a reliable and substantial check every month. Sounds pretty great, right?

So if you aren’t too concerned with social media yet, I’d highly recommend taking a good look at it, especially if you’re looking for new ways to scale your services.

Here are just a few of the reasons your agency needs a strong social media presence:

  1. Social media can help bring in new clients
  2. Social media can show off your brand
  3. Social media can bring in recurring revenue
  4. Bonus: Free social media tools guide!

1. Social media can help bring in new clients

You probably guessed this one, but social media can be a great tool for getting your agency’s name out there and in front of new clients. By organically posting and engaging with online communities, you’ll start to “meet” new people who might just need what you’re offering (or at least be willing to spread the word).

Don’t stress about trying to maintain a presence on every single platform though – prioritize the channels your potential clients use the most, or simply the channels you enjoy. If you prefer to Pin and despise Facebook notifications, you’re going to have a lot more fun focusing on Pinterest than trying to start a Facebook Page. And when you enjoy what you’re doing, it’ll feel authentic, making it that much more valuable of an experience for potential clients.

2. Social media can show off your brand

Social channels are great for engaging with online communities, but they’re also great for showing off what your agency is up to. This could include events you attend, your wonderful brand (because even social channels should match your signature branding!), or even work you’ve completed for past clients.

Any client looking to work with you is likely going to do a little research – they want to know who their money is going to, after all. When your social channels highlight some of the greatest things about your agency, it’s just one more way to convince your clients that you’re the right team to solve their problem.

3. Social media can bring in recurring revenue

If you’re looking to scale your agency, hopefully by now you’ve heard about recurring revenue – money that comes in at set intervals (hopefully every month)! One of the easiest ways to do that is by packaging your services and bundling a few different options under a single price tag. And you guessed it – social media is one of the easiest services to tack on to your offerings, no matter what your agency primarily focuses on.

Of course, if you want to do social media for your clients, you need to make sure your own channels are a stunning example of the type of work your agency can provide. After all, you have to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk. But as long as you’re engaging the online communities you’re a part of, keeping your channels on brand, and showing off all your wonderful work, clients will be begging you to do the same for them. It’s an easy additional sell that can bring in a lot more revenue, while not taking up too much of your time. The real secret? Having the right tools for the job.

Free guide: 30 social media tools for agencies


Social media management and strategy can be overwhelming, whether you have a team of one or a team of 20. As an agency, you’re juggling not only your own business, but often your clients’ as well. It’s challenging to manage multiple social media accounts while simultaneously using those platforms to create engaging content, boost followers, increase conversions, track performance, answer questions, and any number of other reasons you’re using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The key to an organized, efficient, and successful social media strategy is relying on a handful of well-selected tools designed to make day-to-day management incredibly easy. With the right selection of apps, shortcuts, and browser extensions, you can grow your agency to new heights (and keep your sanity).

Download the free guide free below.

This post was originally published on July 6, 2017. It was updated on April 2, 2020.

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