YARPP-Yet Another Related Posts Plugin-now supported on Flywheel

YARPP—Yet Another Related Posts Plugin—now supported on Flywheel

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After significant performance optimizations to the YARPP—Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, we’re thrilled to announce that YARPP has officially been removed from our “not recommended” plugins list and is now available for use by all Flywheel customers.

YARPP is widely used and extremely popular, with hundreds of five-star reviews on WordPress.org. As an increasing number of site owners look to the plugin as a great way to boost engagement, time on site, and additional SEO metrics, YARPP is seeing an uptick in demand for its feature-rich framework. 

YARPP is a WordPress plugin that pulls the most relevant, related content from across your site to keep visitors engaged

The plugin uses a customizable algorithm that scans post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies to find the most relevant, related content across your site. That content is made readily available to your visitors based on custom algorithms built for specific content types and individual pages and domains. 

A recent user review for YARPP, left on wordpress.org

Removing YARPP from the “not recommended” list

YARPP was first launched in 2007, and after many years of use, the plugin was briefly delisted from the WordPress repository in 2019 due to an issue with email addresses

That issue was soon resolved with YARPP version 4.5, which was released after the plugin was purchased by Jay Meattle and a team of dedicated developers who also manage and maintain the popular Shareaholic plugin. 

With deep expertise in content recommendations and more than 10 years of experience developing popular plugins used by over 100,000 websites, Meattle and his team made numerous improvements to documentation, code modernization, and support as well as major investments in the plugin’s features and performance capabilities, ensuring YARPP would benefit a wider audience.

 As seen on starwars.com, YARPP is a popular plugin that is widely used to display related content under the current article or page a visitor is viewing 

Optimizing for performance 

While earlier versions of the plugin relied on more database-intensive processes that could have impacted site performance, Meattle and his team focused intently on updating those processes, ultimately creating a new, advanced inbuilt caching system to provide plugin users with a more scalable experience.  

With that work complete, and rigorous testing from both the YARPP and Flywheel teams, the plugin has not only been cleared for customer use, it’s providing users with more efficient and faster database queries than ever before. 

“Long gone are the days when YARPP was a resource-heavy plugin. Today, YARPP works well on large sites, and it’s become even more effective at surfacing relevant results,” Meattle said.

In addition to working on the plugin itself, Meattle and his team provide outstanding, ongoing user support, which includes deep experience serving the needs of large enterprises as well as creative agencies 

Now that YARPP has been officially removed from the disallowed list, existing YARPP users can easily migrate to Flywheel without losing access to the plugin or their preferred settings. And, current Flywheel customers can download the plugin and start using it today! Check out the section below to get started.

Start using YARPP today!

Ready to give YARPP a try? You can download and install the plugin right now for a closer look at all the great features this plugin has to offer. Check out this helpful article for a step-by-step walkthrough of plugin installation.

Once YARPP is installed and running on your site, you can configure the plugin to match your preferences. Here are a few of the most popular options YARPP makes available: 

  • The ability to design your own custom YARPP templates to perfectly match your site’s design and style—designers love this feature!
  • Support for unlimited configurations, for example, one for your WooCommerce store and another for your blog.
  • Customizations you can use to affect the look and feel of your related posts, as well as the algorithm that pulls content for each section of your site.
  • The ability to place related content anywhere, including the sidebar.
  • REST API and block support for ultimate flexibility.
  • Complete multi-lingual support. YARPP works seamlessly with all languages.

With the plugin activated and customized to your specifications, sit back and watch your sessions and pageviews grow!

Put plugins to work on your site 

Find out more about enhancing your site with the wide library of WordPress plugins available today! Visit Layout to learn more about the different types of plugins you can choose from and check out this helpful article for additional plugin recommendations and services.

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