We’ll move your WordPress sites...for free!

Ready to switch hosts but don't want to deal with the details? No problem! As part of your plan, we’ll transfer every single one of your WordPress sites to Flywheel from your previous host — for free!

Move my site(s)!

Complete our secure migration form

If you don't already have a Flywheel account, sign up here! Then, simply fill out this handy WordPress migration form so we can get all the info we need to move your site for you.

If you have a more than 10 sites to move to Flywheel, just fill out this quick form and we’ll set you up with a plan to get your entire group of sites transferred over!

We grab a copy of your site

We’ll log in to your WordPress site and download a copy of it. (This way, your site will never go down during the process!)

We move the copy to Flywheel

We’ll take the copy of your site and move it to a Flywheel demo (or temporary) server. You’ll be able to view your site and make sure everything looks great and is fully functioning before going live!

You choose a plan!

Once you’re happy with your site on Flywheel, choose a payment plan for your site and show it off to the world!

Working with a client? You’ll also have the option of transferring billing to them, so you don’t have to mess with their credit card info.

Wanna move a bunch of sites?

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Still not ready? Here are some questions we hear a lot!

How do I cancel my previous hosting plan?

We can’t cancel your previous plan for you, but we’d be happy to help provide you with step-by-step instructions or assist with getting you out of your current contract with another host!

What do you mean by "free"?

We mean zero dollars! We'll move your site from your current host to Flywheel for free. We only ask you to choose a hosting plan for your site when you're happy. The migration costs you nothing!

I have a bunch of sites. Will you move them all?

Absolutely! We know moving all of your WordPress sites from one host to another can be painful, but we love doing it. So much so, in fact, that we’ve hand-crafted a smooth and seamless process for “group migrations,”so we’re easily able to transfer your sites over to Flywheel on a schedule that works for you and your clients, and you can track progress all along the way. If you send over dozens or hundreds of WordPress sites to be moved, we're on it (at NO extra cost to you)! Just fill out this lil’ form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Will my site go down during the process?

Nope! We move a copy of your WordPress site to Flywheel and put it on a temporary domain for you to review. When you're ready to go live, you'll repoint your domain and will only have to wait for DNS propagation. During the process, visitors may see your previously hosted site, or your new Flywheel hosted site, but they should never experience an outage.

How long does a migration take?

It depends heavily on the complexity and size of your site. Most migrations are completed within 24 hours, however. If you need a migration completed faster, you can select our “Expedited Migration” option while filling out the site migration form. Expedited Migrations cost $49, and will be migrated within 8 business hours.

Is there any way to expedite my migration? I need to move a site now!

Absolutely. When filling out the migration form, you'll see an option to select your migration speed. We offer expedited migrations (within 8 business hours) for $49.

Will my site be faster on Flywheel?

Most likely! We're happy to migrate your site so you can compare it with your current host. If you're happy with the performance, we can help you choose a plan. Oh, and did we mention that your site on Flywheel comes with more than just great speed? Check out our pricing page for everything included with your plan.

Who handles my WordPress migration?

We handle all migrations internally at Flywheel. This means your site is being moved by a WordPress expert with years of experience developing WordPress sites. We do not work with third-party migration services so you can trust it's in good hands. If you have questions during the migration process, you can contact support at anytime.

I'm running _____ plugin, will it work on Flywheel?

We do our best to make sure that your site is running as fast and secure as possible. This includes helping with plugin recommendations. You can view a list of plugins that aren't allowed on Flywheel here. If you have a question about your current sites setup and how it will function on Flywheel, contact us.

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