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Imaginate Studio takes control of client experiences with Growth Suite

Imaginate Studio

Growth Suite allows Imaginate Studio owner Jason White to manage multiple projects and create passive revenue streams, doubling his MRR in the span of a year.

Organizing agency structure

When you’re working solo, time is the most important asset you have. Jason White, founder of Imaginate Studio, knows this all too well. He runs a one-man show, occasionally bringing in other freelancers to assist on larger projects.


Since 2006, White has been creating websites with WordPress using different hosting companies along the way. As those hosting partners began to multiply, however, it led to the creation of multiple processes and inconsistent experiences for Imaginate’s clients. 


To eliminate those inconsistencies across his clients’ experiences and ensure quality at every step of the process, White turned to Growth Suite in January 2022.

I liked the idea of having a steady, recurring income stream while also having full control of my clients’ experience. Reselling hosting through Growth Suite makes it easy to create outstanding experiences for my clients.

Streamlining the customer experience

The first thing White noticed after transitioning his client sites to Growth Suite was how easy site management became. Tracking important metrics and finding and updating out-of-date site components has made it easier to show the value of his work—especially since all that information is easily exportable in the form of Imaginate Studio-branded client reports.


The process of billing his customers for services rendered and forecasting future financials has also been made easier with Growth Suite’s personalized dashboard view and automated billing and invoicing


Growth Suite’s Client Portal feature is also a valuable asset for White, whose customers can easily access their portfolio and payment information using a branded client portal login.

My customers love Growth Suite. The portal is easy for them to use, and because the platform is white labeled, everything they see looks and feels like it’s coming from my brand. I could go on forever about why I love Growth Suite; it’s a truly hassle-free hosting experience not only for my clients, but for me as well.

Earn more, work less

When White first moved his clients to Growth Suite, his monthly recurring revenue (MRR) was just under $900. Within six months however, the ability to provide Growth Suite’s level of premium hosting to his clients saw that number shoot up to nearly $1,500, with future short-term forecasts pointing towards $2,000 a month in passive revenue.


The platform has taken most of the administrative tasks out of White’s day-to-day, leaving more time in his calendar to take on new projects, ideate on designs, and even have a more rewarding life outside of work.

Growth Suite has helped me create a passive income source where I’m usually only earning money when the time tracker is on. Growth Suite has helped me earn more revenue on a consistent basis, even when I’m not actively designing or building a site.

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Growth Suite helps you grow your agency more quickly and predictably with subscription and one-time billing, client management, and managed WordPress hosting!