Showcase your value to your clients with Growth Suite’s automated Client Reports

Showcase your value to your clients with Growth Suite’s automated Client Reports

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As a freelancer or agency owner, managing your sites, billing, and clients is a critical piece to your business, but maintaining an ongoing, trusted relationship with each of your clients is a whole other aspect to the growth puzzle, which is why we’ve created automated agency-branded client reports! 

You’ve built your client’s site, set it live, but what’s next? It doesn’t end here! We highly recommend setting up a client report to keep the line of communication open, increase your MRR, and showcase your value. 

Introducing Growth Suite’s client reports, a simple way to turn one-time clients into recurring clients (AKA creating a consistent, predictable revenue stream)

Unlock all the benefits that come with client reports

Growth Suite client reports allow you to:

  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with your client
  • Increase subscription prices, therefore, increasing margins
  • Educate your clients on the ongoing work your agency does
  • Improve transparency between your agency and your clients and build trust
  • Showcase your value to your clients
  • Save hours (if not days!) each month as you no longer need to manually create and send client reports

Look professional and save time

Growth Suite client reports are:

  • Agency-branded (your logo and colors)
  • Customizable (some clients want more detail regarding their site, some just need a high level overview)
  • Fully automated (once you have created the initial report, we create and send the future reports going forward, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly)

Include powerful data that showcases your value

Growth Suite client reports include the following (all optional): 

  • Flywheel Hosting stats
    • WordPress updates (WP Core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates)
    • Backups
    • Security
    • Site Optimization 
  • Google Analytics stats
    • Users
    • Sessions
    • Average time on site
    • Bounce rate
    • Conversion rate
    • Top goals
    • Traffic Sources
    • Devices
    • Page visits
  • Custom notes (e.g. 2 new blog posts added, hero image updated, COVID banner added, etc)

The best part? Client Reports are included in your Growth Suite price. 

Client reports video tutorial

We’re super excited to share Growth Suite’s client reports with you! Keep an eye out for more features coming your way. It’s going to be an exciting year for our customers.

Learn how to set up your first client report and turn your one-time clients into recurring clients today!

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