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20 Badass Sites Built on WordPress

20 Badass Sites Built on WordPress

We (obviously) love WordPress, and we really love finding sites built with WordPress that are absolutely beautiful and powerful. We made a list of 20 sites–ranging from portfolio sites to blogs to agencies to photographers–that are perfect examples of how beautiful WordPress sites can be. Check them out below.

1. Sane Communications

sane communications

2. Mindcastle


3. Trent Walton

trent walton

4. Angel Acevedo

angel acevedo

5. The Band Agency

the band agency

6. The Fresh Exchange

fresh exchange

7. Design Made in Germany

design made in germany

8. Childagain


9. Recurrently


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10. Seattle Cider Company

seattle cider

11. Grind


12. I Shot Him

i shot him

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13. Captain Creative

captain creative

14. Listen


15. Racket


16. Hyemi Oh

hyemi oh

17. Trever Hoehne

trever hoehne

18. Michael Berger

michael berger

19. Breanna Rose

breanna rose

20. We Say So

we say so


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  • John Locke says:

    The Captain Creative site is f-f-f-f-FRESH! I love how the colors even look retro.

    Most of the rest of these use imagery to tell stories, oftentimes in intriguing ways. Check out Racket, LIsten, Trent Walton’s site, Design Made In Germany, and Sane.

    The workspace photo as a metaphor for expertise is still effective, but I think it *has* peaked and will eventually become cliched. This applies for both the macro (here’s our offices) and micro (coffee cup and Mac).
    It’s difficult to tell a story with photos, that just seems to be the quickest way to do it, and I see everyone do it.

    That Seattle Cider site uses photography very effectively, without being blunt.

  • Nasendackel says:

    Its always quite impressive, how designers use WordPress. For years I try that May blog looks different.

  • I liked the way Trever Hoehne displayed the images on the front page. I’d love to know how that was done so that a screen loading quickly, as others below it were starting to load in the background. With our big cats, that could really be stunning.

    I noticed that most of the graphics intensive sites took 8 seconds or longer to load, which isn’t a trade off we can make. We have been thrilled to get our 6 seconds down to about 2 thanks to FlyWheel.

  • You could use any of the lazy load plugin which would help image loading and also use a static caching plugin as well.


  • Pat says:

    These are very cool designs. Some of them seemed a little similar to a couple of Squarespace templates but getting these designs on WordPress is impressive. With the flexibility of Wordpess, I think more and more people are migrating from SQ.

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