CremaLab shares how they collaborate on Flywheel (VIDEO)

CremaLab shares how they collaborate on Flywheel (VIDEO)

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If you’ve visited Flywheel’s homepage in the past week, you’ve probably seen our giant photo of this guy:george

That’s George. He owns CremaLab, a design and development firm based in Kansas City, Missouri. George and the CremaLab team have been using Flywheel for a while, now. While CremaLab mostly creates web applications and iPhone apps, they use Flywheel for their own site, to make it load super fast (seriously, see how fast this thing is), and for any sites that they build so that they don’t have to manage all of the hassles that come with hosting.

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When we went to Kansas City to meet with George and the rest of the CremaLab team, they explained how they really like to focus on being creative and finding solutions for their clients–which is the reason CremaLab exists in the first place. They’ve tried other hosting solutions in the past for their client sites, but were constantly finding themselves upgrading plugins and backing up sites. So much so, that they had to hire someone just to maintain their hosting environment.

In our interview with George, he told us, “We had no intention of being a hosting company. We wanted to be a design and development company.” When CremaLab switched to Flywheel, they were able to put all of their efforts into designing and developing for their clients and hand all of the hosting hassles over to us.

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While George and his team love how fast their site is on Flywheel and how simple the user interface is, one thing that stands out for CremaLab is Flywheel’s collaboration feature.

CremaLab’s team  operates under the ROWE strategy, which stands for Results Only (or “oriented” in CremaLab’s edited version) Work Environment. In a nutshell, that means that everyone on CremaLab’s team is welcome to come into the office whenever it’s best for them, as long as they get their work done. So, team members might be in the office, or they could be working in a coffee shop down the street or from an co-working space across town. The ability to collaborate on Flywheel makes it much easier for CremaLab and other agencies like it with team members in different places to get work on projects together.

If you haven’t already, watch George talk more in-depth about why CremaLab uses (and loves) Flywheel in our video:

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