11 free ebooks to help you get started with WordPress

11 free ebooks to help you get started with WordPress

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WordPress is the most popular content management system (otherwise known as CMS) and there are lots of resources in the world that can help you learn everything there is to know about it. One of my favorite ways to learn information about a subject is by reading an ebook! Whether you’re a brand new user or someone who’s worked with WordPress for awhile, these 11 free ebooks will help you expand your knowledge and become a web design pro. Let’s dive in. 

WordPress 101

As you’ve probably figured out by now, WordPress is a monster topic and there’s lots to learn. However in this free ebook, they take it step by step and walk you through all the basics. After reading this, you’ll know what WordPress is, the basics of using it, and where to go next to learn more! Download it here.

Getting started with WordPress

In this beginner guide, you’ll learn the benefits of using WordPress, step-by-step instructions for getting familiar with the dashboard, themes and plugins, and much more. Bonus: It even includes helpful links to video tutorials!

A WordPress guide for beginners

In this free ebook by WPblog, you will find detailed guides on various elements that will enable you to launch WordPress websites. You can expect to learn more about installing and launching your site, how to optimize WordPress settings, and how to manage comments. 

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

Did you know there are more than 55,000 WordPress plugins? That list is huge and it might feel overwhelming to know which ones are best and how to groom the good ones from the bad. This free guide provides an overview of the best and most useful WordPress plugins based on personal experiences, research, statistics, and overall popularity within the directory.

How to improve WordPress speed and performance

It’s one thing to build an amazing WordPress site, but it’s another to keep it speedy and performing at its best. This free guide has eight straightforward steps you can use to increase your site’s performance and speed today. It covers every best WordPress performance practice from optimizing web assets like images, JavaScript, and CSS, to performing a comprehensive plugin audit. Download it today. 

How to boost your WordPress site’s security

Site hackers are very real and they don’t always attack huge eCommerce sites — even if you have a small blog that gets less than one hundred visitors a day, it’s still at risk! And while getting hacked usually isn’t the end of the world, it’s still a pain in the rear to deal with. So what’s the solution? Knowing the latest WordPress security tips and best practices. 

There’s no foolproof way to completely make your site secure, but there are some simple steps you can take to boost security and put up a good fight. This ebook will teach you why sites get hacked in the first place and then walk you through 11 of the best security tips for WordPress. Ready to get started? Download it here.

Accessibility + WordPress

Accessibility is so important to think about when creating WordPress sites. In this guide, they’ll walk you through what it means to be accessible and offer some best practices to help you get there. You’ll learn the standard for accessibility, common A11y mistakes, WordPress tips and themes for better accessibility, and more!

The ultimate guide to managing 50+ WordPress sites

As your business starts to take off and you’re working with multiple WordPress sites, you’ll find there are tons of tasks on your plate that cost your team time, money, and effort. From managing servers to struggling with security plugins, these non-billable burdens are pieces that you and your team shouldn’t have to manage. In this ebook, you’ll learn tips to help your team collaborate and stay organized with WordPress, how to handle security at scale, how to provide outstanding site performance to all of your clients, and a few ways to speed up site management and development. Ready to get started? Download it here.

A beginner’s guide to WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a technology that allows you to set up several websites from one installation. With Multisite, you can almost effortlessly build more than one WordPress site per install. Building a site network does away with a lot of the back and forth that’s usually involved in taking care of multiple websites. It’s a practical solution to manage everything from one central location. In this free guide, you’ll learn when to, and when not to use Multisite, how to get started, and much more.

The ultimate WordPress eCommerce performance guide

Whether your eCommerce site is expecting an increase in traffic or just needs a quick performance boost, it’s best to plan ahead and do some research to see what works best. This free guide will give you tips to create a stellar user experience, tricks for boosting performance, and advice on how to take your site to the next level! You’ll also learn the basic tips every eCommerce owner should know for their site, how to optimize your site for blazing fast load times, and advice for finding the perfect partner in a hosting company. Itching to start reading? Download it here. 

The perfect WordPress development workflow

Seamless workflows are essential for every agency, no matter how big your team is. In fact, with the right tools and some simple software, your development workflow can be downright delightful! From developing locally to taking sites live, you’ll find the best tips and tricks for simplifying the process and maintaining sites for years to come. You’ll also learn the different methods for developing WordPress sites, why local development is crucial for your workflow, and tips for an efficient development workflow. Dive in and start perfecting your workflow here


Getting started with WordPress might seem like a daunting task, but hopefully with the help of some of those ebooks, you’ll be creating, launching, and managing sites in no time. 

Keep learning about WordPress

WordPress is our speciality which is why we’ve created so many resources for it! Keep reading, learning, and leveling up by browsing our resource library. You’ll find downloadable PDFs, videos, more helpful articles, and much more — all for free. Happy learning! 

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