Responsive WordPress themes to install before Mobilegeddon strikes

Responsive WordPress themes to install before Mobilegeddon strikes

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Have you heard the news? “Mobilegeddon” is right around the corner (April 21st, to be exact), which means you don’t have much time to please the Google gods and optimize your site for mobile viewers. There’s good news for WordPress users, though – having a mobile responsive site is a piece of cake. All you need to do is install a responsive theme!

So to help our readers stay high in Google’s search rankings, here’s a list of our favorite responsive WordPress themes.

1. Arcade (Free!)

This theme features a great big photo and great big headline, that both carry over beautifully to mobile devices. With Arcade, you don’t have to worry about your large, attention-grabbing content getting distorted – it scales everything perfectly, for free!

2. MH Themes Magazine ($49)

Like the name suggests, MH Themes Magazine is the ideal theme for a high-content site (like a magazine!) With so many articles, visual content, and content sections, you may be weary of the responsive view. But rest assured, this theme adapts to make only the most important information stand out, like your headlines.


3. Flatsome ($58)

Flatsome is a theme dedicated to online shopping. WooCommerce-ready, this theme is set to help you sell as many products as possible, whether that’s on a desktop or mobile device.


4. Undiscovered (Free!)

This is a simple theme, dedicated to making sure what you write catches readers’ eyes. Undiscovered’s minimal design doesn’t clutter your desktop viewing, and certainly doesn’t clutter mobile viewing, either.


5. AV Studio ($43)

AV Studio features many different layouts (and customizations) to choose from, including an elegant scrolling mobile design. This mobile view is so great that users might want to look at it on their phones all the time, just for fun.


6. BuildPress ($58)

BuildPress is demoed as a construction company theme, but really it would be great for any business. And it’s not only optimized for viewing on mobile devices, but also optimized to show the most important information for your business (ie. hours, location, etc.)


7. Limo (Free!)

This theme is fresh, modern, and has excellent features, including the fact that it’s free! Whether you have blog posts, images, maps, or pull-out quotes on your homepage, Limo is sure to make every aspect of your site look great, no matter what device the user chooses to view your site on.


8. Nimble ($69)

Nimble is a theme that is “simple and flexible,” and I couldn’t think of a better description if I tried. Not only is it flexible to the type of content you want to showcase, but also to the screen size it’s viewed on.


9. Dazzling (Free!)

Need a blog with a flat design? Then Dazzling is the theme for you! Featuring a simple slider and options for a sticky post, this theme is great for bloggers, and makes reading posts simple no matter what device the viewer is on.


10. Stockholm ($58)

Stockholm is a theme that’s definitely worth the cost. With a gorgeous card-based design, this theme is perfect for portfolios, setting up an online shop, or showing off your projects. With a responsive grid layout, Stockholm always looks good.


11. Constructzine (Free!)

This is another business-oriented design, perfect for highlighting the important things. No matter what device a user is using, Constructzine keeps your site perfectly sized for optimal viewing.


12. Roran ($49)

Roran is a premium WordPress theme, complete with a flawless scrolling design and adorable animations (but don’t worry, nothing too over the top!) And it looks just as flawless on a cell phone as it does on your desktop.


13. Grid (Free!)

Grid is a simple, card-based portfolio site. While it doesn’t have as many options as some of the other themes, considering it’s free, it’s pretty impressive. On mobile devices, your “cards” are stacked nicely in one column, allowing the user to focus on one project at a time.


14. Soho ($48)

This theme features a classy design complete with a trendy full-picture slider, elegant scroll, and spot-on mobile optimization. Perfect for your personal portfolio, a company site, or really just about anything.


15. REXN ($49)

REXN is very similar to Soho, in that it’s great for just about anything. With similar features, and some great hover features (only on the desktop view), this theme knows how to make a viewing experience special on any device.


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