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Which Flywheel plan is right for me?

Flywheel offers three plans (and custom options) for hosting WordPress sites. Each of these plans is outlined in detail on the Flywheel pricing page, which is a good starting point along with this video:

At a high level, we break down the pricing into the following buckets:

There are a number of differences between the plans:

Number of visits Each of the plans is limited by the number of visits it supports in a given month. A visit is calculated as a unique IP address accessing the site in a 24-hour period. For more information on visits, see the articles: What does Flywheel count as a “visit”? and What happens if I go over my “visits” in a given month?
Disk space Each plan comes with a disk space limit, which places a cap on the size and number of files you can upload to your site. Typically things like large images, audio files, and video files will take up the most space.
Bandwidth Bandwidth is a measure of the total traffic in and out of your site in a given month. Each plan has a limit based on the number of gigabytes that can be transferred each month.
SSL support All sites on Flywheel support SSL, however it’s only included in the Professional plan. On the two smaller plans, SSL support is an additional $10/month if you’re providing your own SSL certificate, or free with our Simple SSL add-on. For more information about SSL support, see the article: How do I install an SSL certificate with Flywheel?
CDN support All sites on Flywheel support a content delivery network (CDN), however it’s only included in the Professional plan. On the two smaller plans, CDN support is an additional $10/month. For more information about CDNs, see the article: How do I set up a CDN with Flywheel?
Multisite support Flywheel supports Multisite installations on our Professional plan and above. For more information about Multisite, see the article: Does Flywheel support Multisite?

If you’re still confused about the features of each of the plans or which one might be right for you, contact Flywheel Support and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.


It’s important to remember that Flywheel will NEVER shut off your site if you go over your limits. If you are over consistently, we will reach out to you to see about upgrading to the next plan. For more information about overages, see the article: What happens if I go over my “visits” in a given month?

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