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Will Flywheel host my email?

At Flywheel, we believe strongly in working with “best of breed” providers for everything we do, and we view ourselves to be a “best of breed WordPress host.” As such, we do not currently host email for our clients. We make a deliberate effort to focus on building a great WordPress hosting environment and to be the absolute best at it.

We highly recommend that our customers work with an equally great email provider that specializes in hosting and supporting email.

Our top recommendations for email hosting are:

G Suite ( Formerly Google Apps) $5/user/month
Zoho Mail Free up to 25 users
$2.5 /user/month
Rackspace Email $2/user/month

What are the differences between G Suite and Rackspace Email Hosting?

The most extreme difference is support. We recommend Rackspace because of their 24/7/365 support and the large number of positive reviews.

What is the appeal of G Suite for business when every major web hosting provider these days provides unlimited email accounts?

The risk of using a simple shared server for email – if another account on the server gets hacked and is sending out spam, your email IP can get blacklisted, which isn’t good! There is a lot to be said for enterprise-level managed email infrastructure.

Setting up a hosted email solution with G Suite

Hosted email service providers, such as Google, have racks of servers in multiple data centres around the world, providing rock-solid reliability.

The best places to host your email with your own domain

When you rely on email for as many things as most of us do today, you need to make sure it’ll be around for the long haul.

If you have questions about selecting an email provider, or about setting things up so your website is with Flywheel but your email is elsewhere, contact Flywheel support and we’ll help you out!

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