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Updated on September 27th, 2022

Whether you get an unexpected influx in traffic or you need more storage as you’re adding more content, we want to support the growth of your site! So instead of throttling or shutting off-sites, we charge simple overage fees based on the traffic you received and the storage you’re using.

   Types of Overages:


At Flywheel, each plan comes with an allotment of visits available during a month. We do not turn off sites or customer plans due to spikes in traffic, or any event that may cause you to receive more visits than your plan allows for.

When your number of visits exceeds your plan limit, we charge a small overage fee for every 1,000 visitors over your limit. The overage cost is $1 per 1,000 extra monthly visitors*. For instance, if you are on a Starter plan and receive 35,000 visits that month, you would receive an overage fee of $10.

*Any plans that are set up in our Australian data centers will be charged $1.50 per 1,000 additional visits over their plans.

We track a visit as a unique IP address over a 24-hour period. If the same IP address hits your site 100 times in the same day, it counts as one visit. If the same IP address visits 5 times today and comes back again tomorrow, it counts as two visits. To help ensure accurate visit counts, Flywheel ignores IP addresses from known bots, spammers, and attackers


Does this count as a visit?

    • A person arrives at your site and loads a page: Yes, that counts as a visit.
    • That same person clicks a link that opens another page on the same site: No, that’s the same IP address, it won’t be counted as a second visit.
    • That same person loads your site in a different browser: No because they are still accessing the site from the same IP address.
    • That same person goes into their office and loads your site: Yes because they are accessing the site from a new IP address.
    • That same person visits your site a week later: Yes, because Flywheel resets visits every 24 hours.


Each plan comes with a limit on the amount of storage (files and databases) that your plan allows for. We do not set hard limits on storage and your sites will not go down if you exceed your limit. Instead, we charge storage overage fees as well.

When your storage exceeds your limit, we charge an additional $1 for every GB you are over your limit. For instance, if you are on an Agency plan and are using 75GB of storage, you’d receive an overage fee of $25.


If you are consistently over on bandwidth usage you may get charged depending on the amount of time and usage. Use the steps in this doc to help identify what could be causing the overages on your site to avoid this.

For more tips on bandwidth check out this help doc.


Why does Google Analytics say my traffic is different?

There may be a discrepancy in the traffic you see from your analytics provider and Flywheel visits. This is common and is caused by a handful of things. For example, Google Analytics only tracks pages with their tracking code on them. This typically means your Admin pages would not be tracked.

What if I am consistently over my plan limits?

We monitor for customers that are being charged overages regularly and will proactively reach out to help make sure you’re on the correct plan. If you believe you should move to a different plan, we recommend reaching out to your account manager or our sales team! 

When do you bill overages?

On your Fly-versary (the day of the month your account was set up), any overage will be charged to your existing card on file. If you are paying annually for your subscription, you will still be charged monthly for overages. You will receive an invoice for the payment after you are charged.

The overages will appear as a “Visitor Overage Charge” or “Storage Overage Charge” on your monthly invoice.

What if I’m on a Legacy plan?

If you’re on a ‘Legacy plan’ (purchased prior to May 1, 2019), please note that we will not charge you overages. However, if you consistently go over your visit limits, we will ask that you upgrade your plan to a level that’s appropriate for the number of visits that you’ve been receiving.

Need help?

If you have any questions our Happiness Engineers are here to help!

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