Migrate your site to Flywheel for free

Migrate your site to Flywheel for free

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At Flywheel we pride ourselves on our expert, helpful support. This means we often go out of our way to help customers debug a wonky plugin, find the best theme framework for the task at hand, or full-scale performance auditing on sluggish sites.

We know that migrating a site from one host to another is a complicated and often frightening process for a lot of designers and website owners. This is why we offer free migrations as part of doing business with Flywheel. If you have a site you want moved over to Flywheel, we handle the entire process for you. Curious about our migration process and how to initiate a new migration? Check out the breakdown below.

[helpstep step=”1″ title=”Sign up or login to Flywheel”]Sign up for your free Flywheel account or log in to your existing account[/helpstep]

[helpstep step=”2″ title=”Fill out the migration form”]Fill out our secure migration form with your site’s information[/helpstep]

[helpstep step=”3″ title=”We’ll start the migration”]One of our support reps will let you know we have received your inquiry and will walk you through the process[/helpstep]

[helpstep step=”4″ title=”Check out your staged site on Flywheel”]Once the migration is complete, we’ll give you a link to take a look at your site on Flywheel[/helpstep]

[helpstep step=”5″ title=”Choose a plan for your site”]If you’re happy, we’ll shoot you a link to choose a plan for your site on Flywheel. If you’re transferring billing to a client, we’ll set it up so you can do that instead.[/helpstep]

[helpstep step=”6″ title=”Go live!”]Once billing is handled, we can help you with steps needed to take the site live.[/helpstep]

We’ll be with you throughout the entire process. If you have any questions regarding migrations, shoot us an email at [email protected]

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