ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Flywheel exists to empower design agencies to focus on what they do best — building beautiful, functional sites for their clients. Want to know how much time and money our platform can save you? Fill out the form below and we’ll create a custom report that’ll show you the incredible potential of partnering with Flywheel.

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Flywheel handles approximately 80% of the above tasks, based on client case studies and real customer data. We calculate money and hours saved using your hourly rate and the number of sites you build in a month. Please note that your actual results may vary.

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Estimated ROI ?

This number includes the cost of hosting on Flywheel for your particular business, and takes into account your hourly rate and number of sites you build in a month.

This percentage includes the cost of hosting and represents the estimated return on investment by partnering with Flywheel for your WordPress sites. Keep in mind that this number has the potential to increase drastically if your agency takes on more clients (which you’ll have more time to do, once you’re on Flywheel)!

Employment savings

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  • $8K+
Estimated monthly cost of your Flywheel plan ?

Calculated based on our standard plan pricing. Traffic, storage, and quantity of sites can all affect this number.

Average monthly salary of a system administrator (source)

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