28 Days of Design

28 Days of Design

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We’ve wrapped up the third week of our 28 Days of Design, giving away super fly products like:

From purposeless and pretty to perfect and practical, we’ve got you covered!

Want more? We’ll keep ’em coming. We’re giving away prizes every day until February 9, and you can see all of the things we’ve found homes for so far on our website. The spectacular, ultimate, super epic grand prize will be officially announced next Monday. It’s worth more than $2,500, and it’ll include products from all 28 brands featured in the entire giveaway! The lucky winner gets announced on February 10.

Want a head start on today’s prize?


Instructions for winning are on our website! Sign up with an email address and send out a Tweet or a Facebook message about how you can’t wait to win these.

Let’s have a loud round of applause for our lengthy list of Week Three winners:

    • Courtney von Nieda


    • Sally Clapper


    • Dani Donovan


    • Kim Dow


    • Josh Muise


    • Mikaela Ehly


    • Nate Perry


    • Margot Gabel


    • Derek Van Horne


    • Dennis Wallace


    • Joe Weber


    • Katie Diduch


    • Bob Potter


    • Erik Wesslen


    • Max Kringen


    • Daniel Morosan


    • Joelle Kruger


    • Sarah Ziska


    • Melanie Phelan


    • Cody


    • Katie Schrader


    • Theresa Garritano


    • Amanda Walla


    • Marissa Litty


    • Danelle Schlegelmilch


    • Kelly Bast


    • Will Curran


    • Molly Co’Connor


    • Ciara Brewer


    • Ashley Kumplua


    • Angela Bergmanna


    • Jacob McDaniel


    • Lauren Busby


    • Jason Early


    • Jill Blom


    • Matt Pitchett


    • Josh Krakauer


    • Monica Earle


    • Ian Servin


    • Anna Moore


    • Jordan Staats


    • Kat Slump


    • Jeff Cooperrider


    • Will Riley


    • Mike Jensen


    • Matt Williams


    • Christopher Hufnagel


    • Bradley Olson


    • Antony Floyd


    • Megan Parrott


    • Will Christenson


    • Erin Pille


    • Jeff Bazer


    • Shelly Lynn Xiong


    • Russ Capellari


    • Kyle Bacon


    • Chris Kollars


    David Calavitta

Want to know what’s in store for the rest of the week? Every day at 10 a.m. CST, we’ll announce a new prize, so check our Twitter and our website. Questions about how this all works? Take a peek at our frequently asked questions or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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