28 Days of Design

28 Days of Design

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We kicked off our 28 Days of Design giveaway last Monday with a fabulous Cosmonaut Stylus by Studio Neat for the day’s prize. Since then, we’ve found homes for:

All pretty cool stuff, right? You can see all of the things we’ve given away on our website. We’re going to keep the giveaway going until February 9, so you’ve still got time to get in on the action. And you really don’t want to forget about our grand prize — it’s worth more than $2,500, and it’ll include products from all 28 brands featured in the entire giveaway! The lucky winner gets announced on February 10.

Want a head start on today’s prize?


Instructions for winning these awesome headphones are on our website! Sign up with an email address and send out a Tweet or a Facebook message about how you can’t wait to win these.

A huge round of applause for our lengthy list of week one winners:

    Jake Caputo
    Joe Beedlow
    Ali Maffucci
    Sara Nispel
    Caroline K Winegeart
    Brandi Lea
    Jacob Weber
    Amélie Lamont
    Cody the Redbearded
    John Bunka
    Quincy Zikmund
    Alex Block
    Luke Babb
    Justin Twerdy
    Dalton Rooney
    Alyssa Brunswick
    Elle Tolman
    Sean Craig
    Neil Link
    Edward K.
    Shane McCleery
    Jennifer B Robbins
    Kirsty Marr
    Jenny Fetzer Kontos
    Christopher Thomas
    Carrie Cousins
    Bryce Jacobsen
    Jay Jacoby
    Elizabeth Culjat
    Kyle Christensen
    Jackie D’Elia
    Julie Kuehl
    Matias Seijas
    Hyemi Oh
    James Allen
    Angie Drach
    Scott Howell III
    Scott Kinney
    Ryan Martinez
    Cami MacNamara
    Caitlin L. Horton
    Chris Pugh
    Kayla Fleming
    Devin Rajaram
    Rob Brink
    Jessica Smolinski
    Adam Porter
    Denise Rotman
    Keri Ritenour
    Angel Sullivan
    Melissa-Ann Dailey

Want to know what’s in store for the rest of the week? Every day at 10 a.m. CST, we’ll announce a new prize, so check our Twitter and our website. Questions about how this all works? Take a peek at our frequently asked questions or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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