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28 Days of Design – Week 4 winners + the grand prize winner!

28 Days of Design – Week 4 winners + the grand prize winner!

We’ve wrapped up all four weeks of 28 Days of Design, finishing up last week by giving away the most perfect products, such as:


Of course, all of this leads up to the big announcement: our grand prize winner! Let’s have a super big round of applause for Tracy Apps — she’s taking home over $4,000 of products from all 27 brands that participated in 28 Days of Design. Congrats!


We’d like to send out a huge shout out to the vendors and brands that provided such beautiful items, from whiskey glasses and cozy blankets to sit-stand desks and city prints. The kindness and support they’ve shown throughout this process has been such a wonderful example of the tight-knit design community we love so much!

Now, let’s have another round of applause for all of the wonderful winners from the final week of our giveaway:

  • Keely Furrow
  • Rachel Travis
  • Paul Glowiak
  • KDF Design
  • Mitch Britt
  • Zack Tatum
  • Arin Anderson
  • @alienjulz
  • Janna Gilleland
  • Kimberley Pennell
  • Alan McGinnis
  • Naomi Shapiro
  • Carley Scott
  • K Rosen
  • Matt Fleming
  • Bradley De Souza
  • Justin Rey
  • Bianca Zongrone

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made 28 Days of Design such a blast to host. Stay tuned for our next big announcement!

Didn’t snag any swag during the giveaway? Check out our Creative Toolbox, with over $4,000 in free resources!


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