28 Days of Design

28 Days of Design

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We’ve wrapped up all four weeks of our 28 Days of Design, finishing up last week by giving away perfect products like:

Of course, all of this leads up to the big announcement: our grand prize winner! Fill up the comment section with notes of congratulations for Anna Moore from Memphis — she’s taking home over $3,000 of products from all 28 brands that participated in the 28 Days of Design.


Only some of the awesomeness included in our grand-prize package

We’d like to send out a huge shoutout to the vendors and brands that provided such beautiful items, from beer prints and cocktail kits to day planners and office chairs. The kindness and support they’ve shown throughout this process has been such a wonderful example of the tight-knit design community we love so much!

Week Four winners

Let’s also have a round of applause for all of the wonderful winners from our final week of our giveaway:

    Dustin Hartzler
    Joshua Dunsterville
    Jessica Laake
    Lisa Butler
    Adrian Herritt
    Amanda Jaquin
    Sarah Bergeron
    Julia Marie Guli
    Terri Orlowski
    Rachel Rippe
    Drew McConville
    Brian Wallingford
    Patrick C. Keaveny
    Chris Machian
    Michele Butchera
    Bernadette Mung
    Erika Sevigny
    Ashley Carter
    Casey Dierking
    Monica Ghali
    James Ledford
    Carlos Mendoza
    Jen @ Ghost Pepper
    Jesse Poteet

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made 28 Days of Design such a blast to host. Stay tuned for our next big announcement!


Didn’t snag any swag during the giveaway? We’re giving one of these limited edition t-shirts away every day!


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