28 Days of Design – Week 1 winners!

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We kicked off our 28 Days of Design giveaway last week (where we give away a new prize every day!) with some seriously beautiful products from incredible brands. So far, some very lucky winners have won things like:

Pretty awesome stuff, right? We sure think so!

Enter 28 Days of Design for a chance to win now!

Keep up with all of the awesome things we’re giving away on the 28 Days of Design site. If you haven’t won yet, you’ve still got plenty of time to get in on the action. And you really don’t want to forget about the grand prize – it’s worth more than $3,000 and will include products from all 28 brands featured in the giveaway!

Remember: Every time you enter a daily prize, you get an EXTRA entry into the grand prize. The lucky winner of that will be announced on March 1!


Now, let’s have a huge round of applause for our lengthy list of week one winners!

  • Evan Goncalo
  • Kate White
  • Amanda Kohler
  • Garrett Dobbs
  • Jaclyn Einis
  • Courtney Brewer
  • Elizabeth Nuncio
  • Alex Young
  • Jim Krenz
  • Robert Lane
  • Dylan Roush
  • Kim Schlossberg
  • Ben Bickerstaff
  • Drew Fisher
  • Kristy. Sullivan
  • Kerry Carron
  • Frank Payton
  • Hayley Henriksen
  • Martina Bourque
  • Evan Eagleson
  • Ashley Taylor
  • Sarah Lemke
  • Catherine Tobon
  • Michael Pohl
  • Kelly Hale
  • Ryan Shreve
  • Ryan Rogness
  • Elizabeth Hecox
  • Emily Gaston
  • Patrice Perkins
  • Jamie Collins
  • Anni Lubiens
  • Hale McCulloch
  • Kristen Dahlberg
  • Lauren Slack
  • Alyson Smith
  • Emma Balitski
  • Jennifer Gilliland
  • Christine Harris
  • Maddie Nieman
  • Casey Grippando
  • Tiffany Hernandez
  • Kay Allen

Enter 28 Days of Design for a chance to win now!

During the giveaway, we’ll announce a new prize every day, so check our Twitter and our website to see what you can win!

Questions about how this all works? Take a peek at our frequently asked questions or shoot us an email at [email protected]

Good luck!

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