29 Days of Design – Week 2 winners!

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Two weeks down, two weeks to go for our 29 Days of Design giveaway! Last week, we gave away even more awesome prizes like:

Of course, if you haven’t won yet, you’re not out of luck. We’re going to keep giving away a prize a day until February 29, plus there’s still the grand prize! It’s worth more than $3,000 and will include products from all 29 brands featured in the giveaway (check ’em all out on the 29 Days of Design site). Remember: every time you enter a daily prize, you get an EXTRA entry into the grand prize. The lucky winner of that will be announced on March 1!


Now, let’s have a big hurrah! for our lengthy list of week one winners:

Jason Glaspey

Seth Rex

Shay Bocks

Jake Caputo

Molly O’Connor

Kim Suarez

Kathleen Loach

Integrate Design

E.A. Murtaugh

Kaylin Murray


McKenzie Larkins

Tyler Dow

John Burkhard

Kim Toomey

Christina Almond

Elizabeth Caudle

Ashley Kumpula

Caley Walsh

Lisa Thyberg


Rachel Rippe

Cassia Nebel

Cassandra Rose

Selena Benally

Justin Bruss

Tiffany Mair

Adrian Walker

Emily Wells

Teruko Tsubaki

Kim Butler

Max Kringen

Billy Bateman

Stacy Skrebneva


JF Kontos

Matthew Deseno

Matthew Dias

Emma Schall

Sara Hauser

Dustin Edmison

N. Hollaway


Linda Knight

Karen Cygnarowicz

Sarah Federman

Jessica CLN

Laurie Hedburg

Neal Carpenter

Heather Rutledge

Alayna Fletcher

Amber (Wishful Designs)

Charlotte Woolfolk

ARX Web Design

Shawn Stover

Want to know what’s in store for the rest of the week? Every day at 9 a.m. CST, we’ll announce a new prize, so check out our Twitter, Facebook, or 29 Days of Design site. Questions about how this all works? Take a peek at our frequently asked questions or shoot us an email at [email protected].


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