29 Days of Design – Week 4 winners + the grand prize winner!

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We’ve wrapped up all four weeks of 29 Days of Design , finishing up last week by giving away the most perfect products such as:

Of course, all of this leads up to the big announcement: our grand prize winner! Let’s have a super big round of applause for Tyler Dow — he’s taking home over $4,000 of products from all 29 brands that participated in 29 Days of Design. Congrats!


We’d like to send out a huge shout out to the vendors and brands that provided such beautiful items, from whiskey prints and travel kits to pendant lamps and leather backpacks. The kindness and support they’ve shown throughout this process has been such a wonderful example of the tight-knit design community we love so much!

Now, let’s have another round of applause for all of the wonderful winners from the final week of our giveaway:

Taylor Torres

Jared Hardwick

Tom Edwards

Jenn Cloud

Jeff Cooperrider

Nick Pipitone

Andi Mints

Erica Pearsall

Megan Powell

Chelsea Du Bois

Megan Williams

Rob Christianson

Maggie Munster

James Hollister


A. S. Arch

Jared Mabrey

Dan Cash

Nathan Zaru

Emily Butz

Jordan Fowler

Shelby Brokaw

Adella Gonzalez

Justin Ache

Erin Dabbs

Lance Olenik


Patric James

Ryan M. Hemphill

Alicia Ryan

Emma Urban

Simon Pritchard

Jessica Smolinksi

Meghan Hartman

Aaron Loy

Allen Moore

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made 29 Days of Design such a blast to host. Stay tuned for our next big announcement!

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