5 ways to make your blog more Tweetable

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Having a blog is a necessity, but there’s little point spending valuable time and money nurturing it if hardly anybody’s reading it. The popularity of business blogging means there’s a lot of noise out there, and great content alone isn’t enough to drive the traffic, leads, and conversions you desire.

Thankfully there’s a simple solution: by optimizing your blog for social media sharing and engaging the power of Twitter, you can extend your reach and connect with more people and other businesses to extend your customer base and generate more leads and conversions.

Here are five easy tips to make your blog more tweetable.

1. It’s all about the headlines

According to Statista, Twitter was averaging 307 million active users each month in the last half of 2015, which gives you some indication of the potential to extend your audience, but also the competition you’re facing. “You have one shot at making a good first impression – your headline. ”

The headline is one of the most important elements of a blog post – if it doesn’t capture people’s attention and pique their interest, they won’t click through to your blog. No pressure!


A good headline defines the article, demonstrates your value, and drums up excitement. Most of all, it should be short and snappy – aim for less than 100 characters so there’s room for a link and short message in the tweet.

Because it can be tough enticing people to click through on the basis of a short link, consider using Twitter summary cards to promote your blog posts. Include some extra information that could make the difference to people deciding whether to not to click through, such as what the post is about, why they should read it, and what benefits they’ll receive.

Follow this simple guide to enable Twitter cards and drive traffic to your site.

2. Provide captivating content

Because Twitter is a fast-moving, real-time medium, you want to ensure your posts are relevant and of interest to your target audience. By searching the latest trending topics in your industry, you’ll increase your chances of writing about the stuff people want to read – which increases the chances of your content being shared.

However, don’t fall into the trap of focusing only on current trends, because trends come and go with alarming speed. Ensure the majority of your content is evergreen – fresh, relevant content that remains of interest long after publication. You’ll also find that long-form content – posts of 1,200 words and over – is excellent for engagement.


3. Make it easy to share

We live in a convenience culture, so if you want people to share your content, you have to make it easy for them to do so. There are two main ways to achieve this.

First, ensure social sharing buttons are prominently placed in your content –top left of your blog is a great spot. If you don’t want to mess about with code, there are some useful extensions and plugins you can use, such as AddThis, Shareaholic, and Digg Digg. This gives you the opportunity to expand your reach without doing too much extra work yourself.

Second, many people love to retweet interesting statistics or inspiring quotes, so ensure you make use of an amazing free tool called ClicktoTweet. This allows you to create custom links for tweets so people can easily share facts, statistics and quotes, or post them on their own Twitter accounts. This increases your chances of having your content shared and is a genius way to promote your blog.

4. Use stunning visuals

Visuals are the single best way of making your content stand out on Twitter, so make sure yours are stunning. Seek images that complement your blog, and add another layer of commentary to your content. Incorporate the images strategically throughout the post and make sure at least one image, one that sums up the blog’s content, is optimized for sharing on Twitter – the ideal size is 1024px by 512px. Use rich, high-res images, and try to avoid standard stock pictures.


5. Add a social call to action

Finally, there’s no shame in asking your followers to retweet some of your content, as long as you don’t overuse this technique as it will lose its effectiveness and may damage your credibility. If you have something exceptional to say, add a social call to action asking people to share your post if they find it useful or inspiring.

Along the same lines, take the time to make friends with brands that provide complementary products and services to your own. Create a rapport by commenting on their posts and engaging with them, and once you’ve made new friends, ask them to cross-promote by retweeting and even guest blogging.

By following these five simple tips, your blog posts will be optimized for Twitter, giving you an excellent opportunity to extend your reach and boost your traffic, leads, and conversions.

Have you used any of these methods to successfully boost the reach of your tweets, or do you have some tips to add to our list? Share your Twitter success stories in the comments below.

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