Flywheel helps agencies like Oxide Design (VIDEO)

Flywheel helps agencies like Oxide Design (VIDEO)

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Oxide Design Co. is a communications and information design firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. Full disclaimer: we’re based in Omaha, and have known the Oxide guys for a while. Either way, they were excited to try out Flywheel when it was still a seedling of an idea. Oxide’s team is rooted in design thinking and problem solving. Just step into their office and you’ll get it. From the way their desks are meticulously set up, to the things they surround themselves with–these guys aren’t messing around.

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Plus, they bring their dogs in to hang out with them. They’re not design gurus, per-se, but they’re pretty darn cute.


Oxide works with world-renowned organizations, and they needed a solid hosting provider to match the caliber of work that they provide for their clients. The team turned to Flywheel, not only because they knew it was a rock-solid solution for their clients, but because Flywheel is a company that “cares about what it’s hosting.” For founder Drew Davies, Flywheel’s interface and vested interest in designers and design thinking is a breath of fresh air.

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You can hear more about Oxide Design Co., and why they chose Flywheel for hosting in our video below:

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