Have some fun with lorem ipsum variations

Have some fun with lorem ipsum variations

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If you work with websites, or design in general, you’ve probably come across the ubiquitous “lorem ipsum…” text that is used as a placeholder when actual content isn’t yet available, or you just need to get a feel for what a page might look like when filled with text. This can be very useful when choosing fonts or just generally working out design details.

But lorem ipsum is… ubiquitous. Why not consider a few alternatives that serve the same purpose, with just a bit of a twist? Consider these alternatives to spice up your next mockup.

Corporate Ipsum

If you have buttoned-up clients, you may want to consider using Corporate Ipsum. It’s full of words they’ll recognize – and probably laugh at. Just be sure to replace it with the real content before taking the site live. It can be difficult to spot the difference between the two! 😉

Hipster Ipsum

On the other hand, maybe you’re working with a looser crowd. Then Hipster Ipsum might be the one to choose. Peppered with the latest hot topics, Hipster Ipsum was cool before ipsums became a thing.


Bacon Ipsum

Everything’s better with bacon, right? Enough said. There’s even a plugin for WordPress that will help you not only add Bacon Ipsum text, but also pictures of bacon to your site in progress.


Cupcake Ipsum

If you want to sweeten up the design, consider Cupcake Ipsum. One of the best things about Cupcake Ipsum is that it’s zero calories – unless you follow through on all the cravings it can induce.


Star Trek Ipsum

I have to include one of my favorites, Star Trek Ipsum. With phrases like “to boldly go,” and “beam me up Scotty,” and an unlimited potential for technobabble, Star Trek Ipsum can be a great one for even general purpose uses. There’s also a Riker Ipsum.


Cat Ipsum

If the internet is the domain of cats, then Cat Ipsum belongs on every domain, right? Combine this with images from Place Kitten and the cuteness is likely to cause audible “awwww”s as you work.


Social Good Ipsum

Perhaps you’re working on a project that is out to change the world. Why not start with changing the lorem ipsum text to Social Good Ipsum?


Meet the Ipsums

None of the above suit your fancy? Head over to the Meet the Ipsums site to find scores of other choices such as:

  • TV Ipsum
  • Zombie Ipsum
  • Baby Ipsum
  • Gangsta Ipsum
  • Skate Ipsum
  • Beer Ipsum
  • Coffee Ipsum
  • and dozens more

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  1. Bastien

    May 18, 2015


    Good selection !
    You can also add the website www.deloreanipsum.com that replace the loren ipsum by Back to the future script !

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