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The #FlywheelBeta has arrived

The #FlywheelBeta has arrived

Hey everyone! If you’ve been watching closely, you’ve probably noticed how busy the team at Flywheel has been. We’ve added a few members, hit some internal milestones, attended events and even hosted one of our own. All the while, we have been hard at work building a hosting platform that designers and agencies can truly love. Our goal has always been to open our beta over the summer and today I am excited to let you know that we’re sending out the first invites this week. We’ve got a big list, but we’ll be releasing around 200 beta codes each day until everyone is in!


In case you forgot, here’s what you can expect:

Passionate & dedicated support
At Flywheel, support isn’t an afterthought. Our support staff are WordPress experts and have worked as consultants themselves. We get it, and are here to help.

Only pay when sites go live
Develop and demo to clients before you pay. With Flywheel, you only pay for sites when you want the world to see them.

Collaboration made simple
Flywheel makes it easy to collaborate with your team members. With one click, your team has Flywheel and FTP access. There’s no need to pass around passwords.

Make it easy on your client
Create client sites with limited interaction from your clients. Send them a link to enter their payment info, and they’re good to go.

Increased security & speed
Say goodbye to bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting environments. Our servers are hand-tuned for optimal WordPress performance and security.

Simple, no gimmick pricing

Whether your site sees thousands of visitors per day or per year, Flywheel has a plan that is a great fit. Our out-of-the-box plans range from $15-$75 per month per site and come with all of the features above. Every plan is sure to make you and your site stay Fly :)

For more information on our pricing, you can download this document that better outlines our plans and what’s included.

Want in the beta right now? Migrate a site today!

Rather not wait for your beta invite to arrive? We’ll move your site for you and discount your annual payment an additional month. That means you’ll receive two months free instead our standard one month discount for annual payments. Get started by emailing us at [email protected].

Did I mention we’re excited?

We’re thrilled to be able to finally show the world what we’ve been hard at work building. However, we know this is only the beginning on a long journey toward creating a hosting company you can love. We are asking for your help during the beta to improve our product. Email [email protected] or tweet at us if you have comments (or just want to say hi!). Thanks for all of the support and we look forward to seeing what you build on Flywheel!

Oh, and join in on the action by sharing #FlywheelBeta!


  • Nick Haskins says:

    These guys are top notch, and I’ve migrated all my sites over from WP Engine over to Flywheel. I’ve whored around so many hosts its unbelievable, but I’ve finally found a home with Flywheel. Their UI is just plain SIC, and, at least in all my tests, have proven to be significantly faster on first page load, as well as subsequent page loads.

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