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Blueprints FAQ

Who has access to my blueprints? / Can I let a co­worker use my blueprint?

Right now, the answer is no. Blueprints are only available to the user that created them. There are plans to support sharing Blueprints with others in the future, but there is no timeline as of yet for this feature.

Do all files, including uploads, get saved in my template?

Yes. All non­-core files get saved and restored by the Blueprint feature.

Does the site get created at the version of WordPress blueprint was created at?

No; the site will be created at the current version of WordPress just like normal. The files stored in the Blueprint will be restored over top of the base install.

Can I edit an existing Blueprint?

No. If you need to modify an existing Blueprint, you will have to create a new one from scratch.

Is there a limit to the number of Blueprints I can create?

Yes. To start out, there is a limit of 10 Blueprints per user. If you think you’ll need more, let us know!

Why don’t I see a screenshot of my Blueprint?

The most probable cause is that the site was password protected with Privacy Mode. We use a third party service to capture screenshots, and if the site is not “live” then we will not be able to capture a screenshot.

Do the username and password I added to the site actually get used?

Not really. These values are used to create the initial blank WordPress site, but when the “create from Blueprint” process restores the database from your Blueprint, these values are overwritten. This may change when we work on Blueprints v2.

Do Blueprints work with Multisite?

We don’t currently offer blueprints for Multisite installations. If multisite Blueprints would be useful for you, please contact our team and let us know. We’re still understanding all the ways our customers could utilize Blueprints, and would appreciate your feedback!

Will I lose my Blueprints if I fail to pay for one of my sites before the demo period is up?

No, since Blueprints are tied to your user account and not a specific site, your Blueprints will not be deleted or removed unless you remove it yourself.

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