How do I transfer sites to/from an Organization?

Updated on May 1st, 2020

You can do this with each site/subscription individually if you’ve already created the Organization, or you can do it all at once when you create a new Organization.

To transfer individual sites (i.e., sites that are not part of a bulk plan) to an existing Organization, head to the Billing tab in the site’s Flywheel dashboard. Hover over the ellipsis icon to the right of “Billing History,” and choose the “Transfer site” option. Then just click the “My organization’s paying” tab in the pop-up, and you’ll be prompted to have your Organization take over billing for the site as the new owner. (If this results in a billing overlap, just give us a shout via our app and we’ll be happy to sort it out.)

To move all your sites to an Organization at once, you’ll need to create a new organization and initiate the transfer as part of the Organization setup. You can get started by heading to Manage > Organizations from your Flywheel dashboard, and clicking the white “Create Organization” button:



If you have already created an Organization but would like to start over so that you can transfer all your sites at once, you can delete the existing Organization and then create a new one. You’ll just need to pick a different name for the new Organization, since no two can share an exact name (even if one is deleted).

How do I transfer a single site subscription from my Organization to a client?

This is still done just the same way as always; head to the site’s Billing tab in the Flywheel dashboard, hover over the ellipsis icon next to the plan, and select “Transfer site.” This will make the recipient the new owner, but your Organization will remain a Collaborator on the site, giving everyone in the Organization full access to everything except billing.

How do I transfer a single site out of my bulk plan and into my Organization?

If you just want to move one or more site out of your bulk plan but not all of them, you will need to first clone the site(s) you are wanting to move. You can clone the site with a new single-site subscription, and then transfer that subscription to your Organization.

How do I transfer my entire bulk plan into my Organization?

There are two ways to do this:


Transfer all your sites to a new Org

If you haven’t created your Organization yet, head to the Organizations tab in your Flywheel profile, and click the blue “Create organization” button. This will transfer all of your subscriptions and payment methods into the new Organization (so it may be a good idea to remove any personal payment methods you don’t want members of your organization using).


Transfer the bulk plan to an existing Org

You can transfer your bulk plan into an already-existing Organization in the Billing History area of your Flywheel profile. Just click “View plan details” under the name of the bulk plan you’d like to move, and on the next screen, hover over the ellipsis icon (look down a bit, near the box that shows your current plan). You’ll select the option to Transfer site, and in the pop-up, click the “My organization’s paying” tab.


You can only transfer sites you own – or in other words, sites that you pay for. You might be a Collaborator on some of the sites in your dashboard that are paid by other Flywheel users, so you may see some sites that are not in your Organization because of this. Don’t worry, though: you can add your Organization as a Collaborator on those sites. This will allow everyone in your Organization the same Collaborator access.


When a subscription is transferred, it’s treated like a brand-new subscription starting over at day one with the new owner. If this results in an overlap in billing, just contact Flywheel and we’ll be happy to help sort it out.

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