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Getting started with Growth Suite

Updated on June 4th, 2021

Growth Suite allows you to keep track of your clients, set up invoicing, and visualize revenue insights all on Flywheel’s trusted & reliable hosting platform. Grow quickly and predictably while scaling your business through all the features and tools that Growth Suite offers. Be the hero to your clients and feel confident in the services you’re selling!

With Growth Suite, you’ll never fumble through manual invoices or tinker with automated billing tools again. Flywheel handles it all!


Growth Suite is currently a beta product. To learn more about Growth Suite, click here.

Table of Contents

The Dashboard
The Client Portal


First things first, you’ll need to get all your settings in order.

To get started, you’ll need to first log in to your Flywheel account. Once you’ve logged in you will want to click on the Manage tab, select your Organization, and then click on the Settings tab.

This information will show up on your client’s invoices, so make sure it’s correct! Your logo and accent color will be displayed on your invoices and in your client’s portal, while the portal URL will be how your clients access their accounts.


While you can bill in multiple currencies, you’ll still need to pick one for your dashboard stats.

Before you can do any billing, you’ll need to connect a Stripe account. If you already have an account—yay! If not, you can easily make one for free.

Check out our Settings video:

The Dashboard

One of the best features of Growth Suite (in our opinion) is the dashboard! With the dashboard, you can view revenue trends, such as average revenue per client and monthly recurring revenue.

You can also quickly see which clients have recently paid you, which invoices are past due, and which ones are upcoming. Now, each morning you can settle in with a cup of coffee and quickly see just how much money your agency is making.

Nothing to see yet? Well let’s get some money rolling in!

Check out our Dashboard video:


You do a lot for your clients, so let’s make sure you get paid for all your hard work. With our service tiers, you can list out each and every service you offer (or would like to offer!) and still stay organized by grouping them into tiers.

A good place to start is a hosting service. Give the service a top-level name (e.g. Hosting or Managed Hosting) and make it recurring.

Next, choose the currencies you’d like to offer the service in. You can choose as many as you’d like, but start with two or three. You can always go back and add more currencies later.

Now you can create the individual service tiers. For example, name the first tier Basic, as you’ll just be reselling all the delightful features Flywheel offers with each plan.

*These spec are based off our Freelance plan

While Flywheel will initially auto-calculate your pricing, feel free to go in and adjust as desired! For example, you could provide a couple months free if a customer chooses to pay annually.

There’s no limit on how many tiers you can add. Click Next Step and then review your tiers. You can expand the tiers to make any necessary edits and then once everything looks good, click Create Service and you’re done!


If you’re not sure where to start with creating services and tiers, check out our Confident Pricing workshop.

Check out our Services video:


The Clients tab shows all your customers and the total monthly revenue of any active subscriptions for each.

Adding a client is super easy: you just need a company name and other basic info.


Don’t worry—adding your client to Growth Suite won’t trigger any emails. That only happens when you create a subscription.

Check out our Clients video:


Now that you’ve got all the pieces created, you can easily pull them all together in 3 easy steps!


Select the client

Select the client you’d like to bill and attach a site if applicable.


Billing frequency

Select the billing frequency of the invoice (one-time or recurring? If recurring, how often should your client receive their bill?) and currency (what currency will you be billing this particular client in?).


Invoice details

Here’s the fun part; it’s time to create the actual invoice! First, give the invoice a name. This will appear both on the invoice itself and in the email sent to your client (“Your invoice, [invoice name], is due”).


Next, add services. We recommend you use the services that you have set up in your service library to create predictable revenue, however, we understand that can’t always be the case. You can also add custom line items to the invoice (with or without a tier)!


Once the services have been added, you’ll have the option to add a discount. You can choose to add either a percentage or whole amount. Then, choose how many billing cycles you’d like the discount to be applied for.

Sales tax

You can also easily apply tax to the invoice. Tax will be applied to the post-discount invoice amount.

Submit the invoice to your client

Once you send the invoice to your client, they will receive an email inviting them to create an account in your client portal and accept the invoice.


Curious what invoice emails look like? You can check out a preview of all the emails Growth Suite will send to your clients here:

Check out our Invoices video:

The Client Portal

The Client Portal allows you to get paid! This is where your client(s) will view their invoice details, access WP Admin, contact you for support issues, update their payment methods, and submit payments for their invoices.

Here’s an example of what a client will see when logging into your Client Portal:

In this example, Pixel Design Studio’s client can see their invoice.

The client can click into each individual invoice for more detail:

The client can also view a complete billing history associated with their invoice:

Curious about what emails sent to your client will look like? Here’s a full list with screenshots.

Check out our Client Portal video:


In addition to billing, Growth Suite allows you to white label temporary domains. Don’t forget that all emails sent to your client and their portal are branded with your agency logo and colors, too.

All sites spun up on a Growth Suite plan will have a white-labeled domain.

If you have transferred plans from an existing Flywheel hosting plan to a Growth Suite plan, you will need to manually switch the temporary domain to from

In the Domains section, hover over the temporary domain and click the three dot menu. You can then change the domain name and choose between Flywheel’s standard temporary domain and the Growth Suite white-labeled one.

Need help?

We hope you’re happy with Growth Suite and it’s helping you grow and scale your agency! If you have issue or concerns, our support team is always available for further assistance.

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