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Does Flywheel offer HTTP/2?

Yes! HTTP/2 is available on Flywheel. In order for your site(s) to take advantage of HTTP/2 and the performance boost it offers, you’ll just need to install an SSL certificate, if your site doesn’t already have one (you can use our Simple SSL, or provide your own), and make sure the site is loading securely over HTTPS.

Once those requirements are met, your site will use the newer HTTP/2 protocol automatically—no switches to flip or settings to configure!


Since browsers require a secure connection to use HTTP/2, it’s generally a good idea to enable “Force HTTPS.” You’ll find that option in the Advanced tab of a site’s Flywheel Dashboard as long as there’s an active SSL certificate installed.

If you’re wondering what HTTP/2 is all about: it’s the next iteration of HTTP, the protocol used for all Internet connections. HTTP/2 is generally superior to HTTP 1.1. in a number of ways, and depending on the site and its configuration, HTTP/2 may provide a speed boost, as it enables high numbers of files to load together, and therefore faster. If you have other questions about the specifics of HTTP/2, be sure to check out the official FAQ.

All Flywheel sites loading over HTTPS will use HTTP/2 automatically. You don’t need to do anything to enable it beyond making sure the site itself loads over HTTPS.

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