Growth Suite: What happens if my client’s payment fails?

You set up your client’s monthly subscription a year ago, and thus far everything has gone swimmingly. The charges successfully go through each month, and you get paid on time!

But what happens when a payment doesn’t go through? Growth Suite has an automated workflow in place to get you paid – read on for more details.

What happens when a charge attempt on an active monthly subscription fails due to an expired credit card?

In this case, emails are sent to both you and the client notifying you of the failure, and the invoice is put into Unpaid status.

Then, Stripe goes into Smart Retries mode. Here’s how Smart Retries mode works:

  1. Using machine-learning technology, Stripe determines the best time for the next attempt to be successful. This is made up of 4 charge attempts over a 3 week period. If one of these succeeds. Fantastic! The client is paid up.
  2. Every time an attempt fails, Growth Suite notifies both you and the client.
  3. If all of 4 attempts in the 3-week period fail, then the subscription goes into Failed status (meaning “uncollectable”).
  4. At this moment, we create a new Pending invoice (with all the same details), ready for you and the client once they finally take action on getting the card updated.
  5. Our system is NO longer attempting charges for this Pending invoice. It is now in the hands of you and your client to both get their payment method updated and to accept the “new” subscription.

What happens if my client (or I on behalf of the client) upload a new payment method during the Smart Retries period?

We will update the payment method and automatically try to collect payment on the past due amount. Either the payment fails or succeeds, you and your client will receive an email notification.

In the event that your client has more than 1 unpaid invoice, we will attempt the charge on all invoices upon upload of the new payment method. If payment method is accepted, then all invoices will then go into Paid status. If the payment method is not accepting, Smart Retries will continue.

How to update a client’s payment method

Both you and your client have the ability to update payment methods on file.

  • To update your client’s payment method via the Flywheel app, select Update Credit Card from the Profile section of that particular client’s page.
  • Your client can update their payment method via the Client Portal by selecting the Payment Method option from the dropdown menu.

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