How can I preview a site on its live domain?

When preparing a site for launch, it can often be useful to test the site on the Flywheel server and live domain prior to making any DNS changes. This is possible by editing your hosts file. Editing your hosts file allows you to point a domain to a specific IP address on your personal computer only. In particular, this method is often used when testing large multisites, as it’s far less error prone than swapping to temporary domains throughout your entire database.


Hey there! This help doc should be approached with caution. Only make changes to your hosts file if we’ve told you to make those changes or if you’re absolutely sure this is what you’re supposed to be doing.

Locate your hosts file

All operating systems have a way to accomplish this task, but the process  and syntax is slightly different in each OS. You can find instructions below for specific operating systems.



Modify your hosts file

When you’ve located your hosts file, you’ll need to add at least two pieces of information: the IP address you want the site to resolve to and the domain. For example, adding the below two lines will point and to the IP address You’ll obviously want to add your live site’s domain name, and the IP address of your new Flywheel server. These entries are separated in your hosts file only by a single space.

Flywheel IP Address Your domain name



Set your primary domain in Flywheel

Once you’ve modified your hosts file, you’ll need to prepare your Flywheel site to work with the domain you added to your hosts file. You can learn about setting your Primary domain name here. Make sure you add the domain exactly as you added it to your hosts file previously – they should match.


Save and test

Once you’ve added the proper domain and IP information as noted above, you can save the file and visit the domain in your browser. It should now load like normal, but from the Flywheel server – not your current host. Once you’ve completed your testing, you should remove these modifications from your hosts file.


These changes only affect your local computer – not any visitors over the internet.

Instructions for editing your hosts file popular operating systems

You can find direct instructions on how to modify your hosts file on various popular operating systems at this link.

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